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Available in Audiophile Black or Blue Splatter - limited to 200 total copies!

mp3 download included!

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Sunset Orange 7"
3" Mini CD
Buy or Cry!

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Defragmentation Des Pierres Qui Chauffent


Collector's Package

Includes the new CD, Important Notice/Compression du Rruvurrhh 7" on limited blue vinyl and a DDAA button - Strictly Limited to 50 copies...act while supplies last!

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Important Notice!

The new single from DDAA is now available
on 7" black vinyl
"Important Notice/Compression du Rruvurrhh"

only available at



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Ostrich von Nipple

Swarm Suite/So Do They
10" Picture vinyl package

includes CD version and unique mirror button.

limited to 100 copies!
Buy or Cry...

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Ostrich von Nipple CDs,
EPs and 45's

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October 15: The Debut of Bretts Milk!

A new artist is here: Bretts Milk, with a sick debut entitled Daddy’s Breath.


Psychofon Headquarters is bustling with activity, getting ready to release multiple titles at once here, and this one is sure to be a real treat. Lots of great guests popping their heads up in this one, including Nolan Cook and our own Ostrich von Nipple! This CD will come in a fully decked-out digipak and is limited to 200 copies. Release info and more photos will be following shortly, so stay tuned. And as always…Buy or Cry!!

Bretts Milk
Bretts Milk is a musical mad scientist, bringing together disparate elements to create monster masterpieces. His latest concoction, Daddy’s Breath, is a perfect example of how his eclectic tastes manifest into records that singe and satisfy the discriminating listener.

Living in Asheville NC (USA), Bretts Milk has worked within myriad music genres for over 20 years, from electronic down-beat to experimental noise to glam rock, and has crossed paths with the likes of Mark Mothersbaugh (Devo), Adrian Belew (King Crimson, Talking Heads, Frank Zappa) and Claude Coleman Jr. (Ween).

But Bretts Milk’s latest work on Psychofon Records is his pride and joy; the culmination of his unconventional musical experience and features none other than Psychofon Records artist Ostrich Von Nipple. Mix in some guitar work by the brilliant Nolan Cook and you have a recipe for a sonic soundscape that will grab your attention and leave you wanting more.


Coming Soon Rushing Like A Banshee

Coming Soon! The Residents’ Rushing Like A Banshee

Some of you internet super-sleuths have uncovered this info on their own via a product listing from MVD, so I guess it is time to announce it–Psychofon Records is hard at work producing Rushing Like a Banshee: a new EP from The Residents.

It will contain two tracks from their upcoming album “The Ghost of Hope”. The album (and the EP) features guest collaborator Eric Drew Feldman!

Two tracks from the album, “Rushing Like a Banshee” and “Train vs. Elephant” are being pressed onto a limited 7″ vinyl, in our usual rigmarole of editions. We hope that the EP will be released around November. We want to ensure enough people can get a unique piece of art, hence the multiple variations. Of course, the career collectors are gonna want to buy them all (or die/cry) but that cannot be helped.

Rushing Like A Banshee

Here’s a first look at what our editions will be all about.

The regular black Vinyl, comes in a thick cardboard cover. It is different​ ​from the MVD Version that will be released a bit later. You will see one released on clear/black/white vinyl in a special Psychofon Package. Another one on grey/silver vinyl in the usual Psychofon sleeve.

The really special one is what our in-house artist and product designer calls the “Multiple Record Objet d’art”, but I call it “The Best One”. We cannot wait to show you pictures of this piece. The 7″ red vinyl comes in a special 12″ box-set. This is a true piece of art that any Residents fan will surely want.

Sound clips, an in-depth review of the music and purchase info will be coming soon so be sure to stay informed and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!


Rave Reviews for Curse of The Baleful Caller

Some generous words were spoken by the people who got the first listen of Locust Fellow & Friends’ debut LP “Curse of The Baleful Caller”.

A few bloggers around the interwebs were given advance copies of the album so they could give their opinions. The reactions were favorable.

Andrew Holmes from Ho7mes Tech & Tunes said..

I listened to the album several times using both headphones and speakers, and I see it as more of a headphone album. It has a well-defined sound as a grand psychedelic soundscape. I’d easily recommend this album to fans of groups like Coil and The Residents (especially if you like their post-2000 output).

Our old friends at United Mutations also had a few listens and had this to say:

This is music from the other side of the fence. “Curse Of The Baleful Caller” sounds like what the album cover looks like. Outsider art translated into music.
I love it.

Curse of The Baleful Caller is out now in Splatter and audiophile-black vinyl! Pick up your copy today, our stock is dwindling!