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Available in Audiophile Black or Blue Splatter - limited to 200 total copies!

mp3 download included!

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Defragmentation Des Pierres Qui Chauffent


Collector's Package

Includes the new CD, Important Notice/Compression du Rruvurrhh 7" on limited blue vinyl and a DDAA button - Strictly Limited to 50 copies...act while supplies last!

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Ostrich von Nipple

Swarm Suite/So Do They
10" Picture vinyl package

includes CD version and unique mirror button.

limited to 100 copies!
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DDAA dada est mort

New DDAA 7″ ‘Dada est Mort’ now available!

We’re really excited about this one, a very special double 7″ from Deficit Des Annees Anterieures (DDAA), entitled Dada est mort. Available now!

This just in….DADA IS DEAD. This EP is a display of harshly beautiful rhythmic convergence. Displaying observationally precise commentary while at the same time treading the sea of the obscure..The legendary French avant-garde group DDAA present DADA EST MORT. This is somewhere around their 50th release since about 1979 (150+ if you count all of their appearances with other artists).

Dada est Mort is available in two versions–The Collector’s edition is on a pair of 7″ fluorescent yellow vinyl and is limited to 50 copies. The regular edition is on two 7″ black vinyl. Both come in a 4-way gatefold. Click here to buy!

Track List:
1. Parasite 1
2. Dada est mort
3. opération Sentinelle
4. Keuch
5. Parasite 2
6. Funerailles Dada

DDAA dada est mort
DDAA dada est mort
DDAA dada est mort
DDAA dada est mort


Limited copies are still available of DDAA’s 2015 release Defragmentation Des Pierres Qui Chauffent. Click here for more info.

The Residents’ Ghost of Hope details revealed!

The time has come to reveal more info about how we will be releasing The Residents’ latest album The Ghost of Hope (Now available!)

The “Die-Hard Lenticular Set” includes the following: 2x one-sided clear/red split vinyl with clear front-and-back cover foil sheets, held in a folded double 12″ clear pic disc cover. The vinyl feature lenticular “Flip Flop” labels on both B-sides of the records. And that is not all…The lenticular set comes with the special Ghost of Hope Bonus Package, which includes a very large 25x25cm (10″) 3D-animated lenticular stickerplate with the cover art from the Ghost of Hope…PLUS a one sided Glow-in-the-Dark 7″ vinyl with ‘Train vs Elephant’ as a Bonus Track. The Die-Hard package will be priced at €99,99 and is strictly limited to 100 numbered copies.

The Collector’s Edition is a 3 color splatter vinyl with red black and grey over white, held in a red innersleeve and hand-numbered. The Collector’s Edition also comes with a 6 postcard set! Limited to 200 copies and priced at €34,99.

Our standard black vinyl edition will be distributed by MVD and Cherry Red for those who just want The Ghost of Hope on vinyl. Much more info and a full breakdown on the music coming soon, so stay tuned!


The Ghost of Hope draws near

Many of you are certainly wondering what Psychofon has to do with the new Residents LP “The Ghost of Hope” since MVD and Cherry Red also announced the new album. To clear things up, Psychofon Records is producing all of the vinyl versions here in Germany. Our standard black vinyl version of the album will be distributed via MVD and Cherry Red. The limited “Collectors” and “Die Hard” editions will only available via Psychofon Records. More information about our special editions is coming very soon, so don’t miss out…stay tuned…


ghost of hope

The Residents – The Ghost of Hope: Out 24 March!

Release date confirmed! The Ghost of Hope will be out on the 24th of March on vinyl at Psychofon Records (more details forthcoming).

Following their long tradition of projects based on narrative themes, The Residents are pleased to announce the release of The Ghost of Hope, an historically accurate album based on train wrecks. Pursuing this theme in both a literal and metaphorical sense, the group discovered a series of vintage news articles highlighting the dangers of train travel in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Inspired by the era’s elegant language, the group then contrasted that eloquence against the sheer horror of these devastating events, resulting in an album that sounds both startlingly new and curiously nostalgic. Using the familiar elements of music, spoken voice, sound effects and audio textures, The Residents have constructed a highly original series of tone poems quite unlike the music of anyone else – except, of course, The Residents. The album features guest collaborator Eric Drew Feldman – who has worked with everybody cool, so he’s already in your record collection.

LP Track Listing
1. Horrors of the Night
2. The Crash at Crush
3. Death Harvest
4. Shroud of Flames
5. The Great Circus Train Wreck of 1918
6. Killed at a Crossing