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Sunset Orange 7"
3" Mini CD
Buy or Cry!

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Defragmentation Des Pierres Qui Chauffent


Collector's Package

Includes the new CD, Important Notice/Compression du Rruvurrhh 7" on limited blue vinyl and a DDAA button - Strictly Limited to 50 copies...act while supplies last!

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Important Notice!

The new single from DDAA is now available
on 7" black vinyl
"Important Notice/Compression du Rruvurrhh"

only available at



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Ostrich von Nipple

Swarm Suite/So Do They
10" Picture vinyl package

includes CD version and unique mirror button.

limited to 100 copies!
Buy or Cry...

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Ostrich von Nipple CDs,
EPs and 45's

Now Available!


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Coming Soon: Curse of The Baleful Caller

Locust Fellow & Friends’ debut LP Curse of The Baleful Caller is on its way soon.

Yes, the long wait is finally over and all of those pictures and snippets that you have been seeing online are finally going to start making sense. Curse of The Baleful Caller should be coming on or around September 15th, so mark your calendar! There will be no pre-order. Of course, if any changes happen, you can find the latest info here.

With the help of his friends, The Goons of Waxing Gibbous and Ostrich von Nipple, Mr. Locust Fellow has put together a sonically explosive debut album and musical ensemble!

Locust Fellow & Friends’ “Curse of The Baleful Caller”, is based on a simple but daunting concept. The music is composed to the album’s art, which has been created specifically for this project by the artist known as Poxodd. In other words; the art creates the music, the music paints the art, and together they tell a story. At times the music is light and free. Other times it is dark and direct. Ultimately, it is a collection of high-concept psychedelia, other-worldly trances, insect cooking instructions, barkers from beyond and modern tribal ritual music. With this concept of painting music to composed art, we give you Locust Fellow & Friends, and their steadily unpredictable sci-fi epic.

Want to have a better look at the art? TOO BAD! Just kidding. Starting in September, you will be treated to pieces of the album art day by day until the final image forms itself on the 15th. Want to see that unfold? Follow us on Twitter…and drop us a line! We would love to hear from you.

The swarm is coming, will you be ready?

Bigfoot Beware Is Back In Stock

Bigfoot Beware Back In Stock June 15th!

Bigfoot Beware back in stock again, second pressing. Collector’s editions are gone for good but you can still get your hands on a copy if you missed out on a chance to hear the music!

The first run of all editions of Bigfoot Beware and For Maurice are completely sold out! Thank you all so much for your support of Randy Rose’s very first single.

Bigfoot Beware Back In Stock

Bigfoot Beware Sunset Edition on orange vinyl.

If you are a fan of any of Randy’s or The Eyeballed Ones’ previous work, it’s a no-brainer. The whole thing delivers. Bigfoot Beware is a perfect tie-in to the ongoing Randyland web-series, in which it has more recently meandered towards a hunt for the elusive three-toed bigfoot. Turns out the bastard killed Randy’s family dog Sniffy, way back when he was a youngster. The long-dormant urge for vengeance is finally emerging. As if the scars of that loss weren’t enough, Randy’s pet cat Maurice recently passed away. It is for this reason that he created the B-Side to this single, “For Maurice”, his solemn eulogy. Let us never forget the furry friends who keep us company through every moment of our journey through life. They are, perhaps, the only true source of unconditional love.

Bigfoot Beware Back In Stock

Bigfoot Beware Mini CD Collector’s Edition

Due to popular demand, we will be releasing a second edition. Even though our products are all limited, we want to make sure everyone gets a chance to get a record and hear the music, which is the most important part of this venture. However, we will never release the Green, Red, Clear or Pink vinyl versions again. But, do not fret! The first 100 copies of the second edition will be on sunset-orange vinyl. This will be the LAST of the Bigfoot Beware/For Maurice singles released on colored vinyl. The regular black vinyl “Night” edition will remain for sale via Psychofon Records and future select retailers. Your last chance to buy..or cry!

But that’s not all…

Bigfoot Beware Back in Stock

A Suction Cup Button. Because why not?

Your wish is our command. Due to the sheer amount of requests for a digital audio version, we have decided to release Bigfoot Beware/For Maurice on 3″ CD! We will offer a collector’s package and a normal edition for those of you who just want the CD. The collector’s edition will come in a mini camouflage bag with the CD in a mini sleeve with a mini postcard and a mini Bigfoot button. Let the Mini-mania ensue! We are really keen on bringing out releases in unique formats, and when the requests for a digital version were pouring in, we wanted to respond with something out of the norm, something different fro ma regular CD. And why waste the 2 extra inches of optical grade plastic for a single? Practical and adorable. And just look at that postcard. It’s so tiny! It’s about 1/8th the size of the regular Bigfoot Beware postcards that came with the other special editions.

Bigfoot Beware Back In Stock

Bigfoot Beware T-Shirt, Second Printing

Since the shirts sold out way too fast and people are still asking for ones in their size, there is another run of “Expedishun” logo T-shirts on the way, this time with a white silkscreen on black fabric. And last but not least, a new square button for you pin collectors. This one is a bit different though…you can’t put it on your shirt! The button features the Bigfoot Beware cover art and the back is fitted with a suction cup! Weird!

June 15th is your chance to jump on these offers. If you missed out on the original run, this is your best chance to hear Randy Rose of The Residents at his latest and best.

bigfoot beware ep for maurice ep

Bigfoot Beware update

Bigfoot Beware Update: Sold Out!

Bigfoot Beware update: We are happy to announce that the entire run of Randy Rose’s Bigfoot Beware/For Maurice is totally sold out!

While we may see future runs for those of you who did not get a chance to hear Randy’s call-out to Bigfoot and tribute to his pal Maurice, These special editions will never be pressed again.

We have some great news! Our super-elusive “For Maurice” one-sided pink vinyl are really, finally, no joke, READY! We are very pleased to announce that this laser-etched beauty is finally finished. To all of our lovely customers who Pre-Ordered or purchased, we hereby announce that we will ship out ALL of your full orders on Monday! Sorry again for the delay. We got there in the end.

bigfoot beware update

To all of our Psychofon customers and friends, we cannot thank you enough for your support and for making Bigfoot Beware/For Maurice a total success! You are the best!

something limited

Something Limited This Way Comes

Can’t say much at this point, but there’s something limited on the horizon. And this is just one of the many new things we have planned this year at Psychofon Records!

For more information and the latest updates on what we are up to this year, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter!

something limited