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The New Ostrich von Nipple Adventure

In early 2013, OVN joined the rest of The Goons of Waxing-Gibbous to perform music for a live underground theater piece called “OH! FEARSOME! HEAD!”. The show ran for four nights, with one night dedicated to filming by Director and long-time friend, S. Bedford. OVN took this opportunity to capture some (very amateur and spontaneous) video clips containing “behind the scenes” footage. This video footage, along with several pictures, was used to create a short film to remember the occasion. Thus, a side project was born. It seemed appropriate to score this mini-film using newly recorded material inspired by the by show, as well as rehearsal recordings from The Goons of Waxing-Gibbous. The score was then changed to facilitate an audio only experience by removing the live rehearsal sections and replacing them with other new and re-imagined material. This project became known as “Oh, Fearsome! Nipple?”. With links to OVN’s musical past and future, “Oh, Fearsome! Nipple?” is the perfect place to continue or begin your musical adventure. We hope you enjoy this 14 minute sort-of-soundtrack. For those craving something a big longer, sit tight!

The mighty web lets us take a peek at some pictures from the “Oh, Fearsome! Head!” performance.

Itching to hear more? Check out “Oh, Fearsome! Nipple?”