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The Residents “Dyin’ Dog Demos” , Val Denham and Farmacia Pre-Sale begins 31 August!

Pre-Sales for The Residents present: Alvin Snow AKA Dyin’ Dog and Val Denham with Farmacia – The Devil Knows Your Name Now begins at 11:00am (EST) on the 31st of August! Be the first in line to snatch these up because they will likely go fast! More info on these releases below.

The Residents present Alvin Snow, AKA Dyin’ Dog

The Residents are pleased to sponsor the release of nine 45 rpm demo songs recorded in the mid 1970s by long lost bluesman, Alvin Snow, aka Dyin’ Dog. Brought to their attention in 2016 by musician and colleague, Roland Sheehan, the group was amazed by the quality and intensity of these previously unheard recordings. Compelled by the passion of Snow’s performance, the band persuaded us at Psychofon Records to release all nine demos in a deluxe boxset and let Dyin’ Dog speak for himself.

Many of The Residents’ early musical influences – Bo Diddley, Bobby Blue Bland and Howlin’ Wolf among others – came from the American South, the Home of the Blues;

Consequently, the group often discussed a project based on this classic form, but an appropriate entry escaped them. The genre was compelling but simply reinterpreting the work of blues greats was too obvious, too straight forward, too lacking in inspiration – so they worked on other projects… and time passed…

Later, in 2013, the group was approached by filmmaker Don Hardy with the idea of creating a Residents’ documentary. The idea was intriguing; they felt a rapport with Hardy, plus they liked the idea of including old friends, people who could help connect the vast array of dots echoing the group’s hazy history. One of the first people they introduced to the filmmaker was Roland Sheehan, a musician friend from Dubach, Louisiana. Back in the mid 1960s, Sheehan was in a band, The Alliance, managed by long time Residents’ producer, Hardy Fox, with both sharing an acquaintance with the then unnamed Residents. Making a notable appearance in the film, Roland describes his involvement in the band’s formation; and, after a lapse of several decades, the group was happy to reconnect.

During a family visit to Louisiana a few months later, one of The Residents was having lunch with Roland Sheehan when the subject of the blues came up.

Sheehan at the Wahoo Theater projection room in Dubach Louisiana

He casually mentioned the band’s interest, and subsequent frustration, but the conversation quickly moved on and the musician forgot about it… but Roland didn’t. A few weeks passed before The Residents received an unexpected call; excited, Sheehan mentioned the group’s long stalled blues project and said he had an idea. In the mid 1970s, a few years after he spent the summer enabling the emerging Residents, Roland met Alvin Snow, an albino blues singer he worked with for a short time. According to Sheehan, he formed a band with Snow and recorded several demos for Jewel Records, an indie label owned by Stan Lewis, a well known record shop and label owner in Shreveport, Louisiana.

A view of the long-since closed Wahoo Theater

Excited by the demos, Sheehan and Lewis renamed the singer Dyin’ Dog, and were organizing Snow’s first performance when the albino suddenly disappeared, leaving nothing more than a lingering sense of unfulfilled promise in his wake. Over the years, Roland Sheehan had forgotten the Dyin’ Dog demos – until his recent lunch meeting. Stimulated, he searched through boxes, files and cabinets in the abandoned Dubach movie theater where he had practiced in the 60s and 70s with both the Alliance, his band, and Dyin’ Dog’s group, the Mongrels, until he finally found the long lost demos. Timid and visibly nervous, Sheehan was offering the frayed and forgotten Dyin’ Dog 45s to The Residents as inspiration for their forlorn blues project. Surprised and skeptical, the group hesitated; reluctant to disappoint their friend, they saw little hope in a stack of dust covered fifty year old recordings, but the path of creativity is seldom straight and often unseen, until…

Amazed at the quality and intensity of the ancient recordings, The Residents were completely blown away. While the fate of Alvin Snow, aka Dyin’ Dog, will undoubtedly remain a mystery, the validity of his songs is unchallenged. Consequently The Residents feel compelled to give the lost bluesman’s music the exposure it so obviously deserves.

With the support of Psychofon Records, on Sept 28, 2019, The Residents are sponsoring the release of a boxed set containing the long lost Dyin’ Dog Demos. In addition, the band is already hard at work re-creating their own versions of Alvin Snow’s songs for their next album, Metal, Meat & Bone – The Songs of Dyin’ Dog – to be released in February of 2020.

Tracklist –

Record 1
A – Bury my Bones
B – River Runs Dry

Record 2
A – Die! Die! Die!
B – Pass for White

Record 3
A – Hungry Hound
B – The Dog’s Dream

Record 4
A – I Know
B – Tell Me

Record 5
A – Mamma don’t go
B – Blank

Val Denham with Farmacia – The Devil Knows Your Name Now

The Devil Knows Your Name Now was originally meant to be a solo Val Denham project, but eventually I had so much musical input from Ariel and Diego Sima, of the Argentinian band Farmacia, that I felt that I should add their name to mine as the joint creators of this album. Why do I work with Farmacia? Because they are brilliant collaborators, which means that they are a pleasure for me to work with. They can play their instruments much better than I can. And by instruments, I mean real instruments such as trumpets, piano and traditional acoustic instruments. They also play synthesizers and other modern electronic equipment. They have an innate understanding of my shadowy melancholic undertones and my need for artistic experimentation.

I usually begin each song with a rhythm track and add some synthesizer so that I have the basic structure and feel for the compositions, then I ask Farmacia to make their important additions. I tell them how I feel it should sound; this is the complex bit, as we will do countless alternative takes until it sounds just like it does in my head. We get there in the end, but it is a long and intricate process and they are endlessly patient and always professional with me. I really wanted this album to be beautiful. I wanted to sing as well as I could this time.

I think that this one might be considered a concept album. The tracks and their order all seem to connect to each other, starting off with the psychotic yet optimistic track Dust Devils Spin on Mars with its extended jazz opening.

Gradually The Devil Knows Your Name Now becomes darker, from the heat of the desert to the darkest doubts of the subconscious and murder. This is to illustrate the metaphorical idea that The Devil Knows Your Name Now. It poses the question, what did you do that was so wrong? How did it all go so bad? Will you be redeemed in time?

-Val Denham, 2019

Val Denham with Farmacia – The Devil Knows Your Name Now
Tracklist :
01 – Dust Devils Spin on Mars
02 – Francis Farmeresque
03 – Everybody loves me now
04 – Bride of the atom
05 – Poison from the far side
06 – Apple Tree
07 – Angel of Death ( instro )
08 – Dear Louise
09 – Venus Castina
10 – Black Dahlia
11 – Night will cover you
12 – Here comes the Storm
13 – The Devil knows your Name now
14 – I’m so Shallow

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Coming Soon! The Residents’ Rushing Like A Banshee

Coming Soon Rushing Like A Banshee

Some of you internet super-sleuths have uncovered this info on their own via a product listing from MVD, so I guess it is time to announce it–Psychofon Records is hard at work producing Rushing Like a Banshee: a new EP from The Residents.

It will contain two tracks from their upcoming album “The Ghost of Hope”. The album (and the EP) features guest collaborator Eric Drew Feldman!

Two tracks from the album, “Rushing Like a Banshee” and “Train vs. Elephant” are being pressed onto a limited 7″ vinyl, in our usual rigmarole of editions. We hope that the EP will be released around November. We want to ensure enough people can get a unique piece of art, hence the multiple variations. Of course, the career collectors are gonna want to buy them all (or die/cry) but that cannot be helped.

Rushing Like A Banshee

Here’s a first look at what our editions will be all about.

The regular black Vinyl, comes in a thick cardboard cover. It is different​ ​from the MVD Version that will be released a bit later. You will see one released on clear/black/white vinyl in a special Psychofon Package. Another one on grey/silver vinyl in the usual Psychofon sleeve.

The really special one is what our in-house artist and product designer calls the “Multiple Record Objet d’art”, but I call it “The Best One”. We cannot wait to show you pictures of this piece. The 7″ red vinyl comes in a special 12″ box-set. This is a true piece of art that any Residents fan will surely want.

Sound clips, an in-depth review of the music and purchase info will be coming soon so be sure to stay informed and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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Bigfoot Beware Back In Stock June 15th!

Bigfoot Beware Is Back In Stock

Bigfoot Beware back in stock again, second pressing. Collector’s editions are gone for good but you can still get your hands on a copy if you missed out on a chance to hear the music!

The first run of all editions of Bigfoot Beware and For Maurice are completely sold out! Thank you all so much for your support of Randy Rose’s very first single.

Bigfoot Beware Back In Stock
Bigfoot Beware Sunset Edition on orange vinyl.

If you are a fan of any of Randy’s or The Eyeballed Ones’ previous work, it’s a no-brainer. The whole thing delivers. Bigfoot Beware is a perfect tie-in to the ongoing Randyland web-series, in which it has more recently meandered towards a hunt for the elusive three-toed bigfoot. Turns out the bastard killed Randy’s family dog Sniffy, way back when he was a youngster. The long-dormant urge for vengeance is finally emerging. As if the scars of that loss weren’t enough, Randy’s pet cat Maurice recently passed away. It is for this reason that he created the B-Side to this single, “For Maurice”, his solemn eulogy. Let us never forget the furry friends who keep us company through every moment of our journey through life. They are, perhaps, the only true source of unconditional love.

Bigfoot Beware Back In Stock
Bigfoot Beware Mini CD Collector’s Edition
Due to popular demand, we will be releasing a second edition. Even though our products are all limited, we want to make sure everyone gets a chance to get a record and hear the music, which is the most important part of this venture. However, we will never release the Green, Red, Clear or Pink vinyl versions again. But, do not fret! The first 100 copies of the second edition will be on sunset-orange vinyl. This will be the LAST of the Bigfoot Beware/For Maurice singles released on colored vinyl. The regular black vinyl “Night” edition will remain for sale via Psychofon Records and future select retailers. Your last chance to buy..or cry!

But that’s not all…

Bigfoot Beware Back in Stock
A Suction Cup Button. Because why not?
Your wish is our command. Due to the sheer amount of requests for a digital audio version, we have decided to release Bigfoot Beware/For Maurice on 3″ CD! We will offer a collector’s package and a normal edition for those of you who just want the CD. The collector’s edition will come in a mini camouflage bag with the CD in a mini sleeve with a mini postcard and a mini Bigfoot button. Let the Mini-mania ensue! We are really keen on bringing out releases in unique formats, and when the requests for a digital version were pouring in, we wanted to respond with something out of the norm, something different fro ma regular CD. And why waste the 2 extra inches of optical grade plastic for a single? Practical and adorable. And just look at that postcard. It’s so tiny! It’s about 1/8th the size of the regular Bigfoot Beware postcards that came with the other special editions.

Bigfoot Beware Back In Stock
Bigfoot Beware T-Shirt, Second Printing
Since the shirts sold out way too fast and people are still asking for ones in their size, there is another run of “Expedishun” logo T-shirts on the way, this time with a white silkscreen on black fabric. And last but not least, a new square button for you pin collectors. This one is a bit different though…you can’t put it on your shirt! The button features the Bigfoot Beware cover art and the back is fitted with a suction cup! Weird!

June 15th is your chance to jump on these offers. If you missed out on the original run, this is your best chance to hear Randy Rose of The Residents at his latest and best.

bigfoot beware ep for maurice ep

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Randy Rose – “Bigfoot Beware/For Maurice” is NOW AVAILABLE!

Psychofon Records presents Randy Rose Bigfoot Beware / For Maurice

We are extremely proud and excited to announce that Randy Rose (singer for The Residents) and The Cryptic Corporation has teamed up with Psychofon Records to bring you a brand new single, “BIGFOOT BEWARE / FOR MAURICE”!

If you are a fan of The Residents you may have been following “Randyland“–the ongoing web series filmed by Don Hardy (Award-Winning Filmmaker, Theory of Obscurity: A Film about The Residents which premiered at SXSW). In recent months, Randy has embarked upon a quest to hunt and kill the ever-elusive Three-Toed Bigfoot! Randy and his good buddy Scooner have hit the supposedly-haunted forests of the Cobb Estate in Altadena CA, where the Expedishun begins…BIGFOOT BEWARE!!
Lost in the woods? You can catch up on the Randyland series and follow the hunt on Youtube and Vimeo. It’s definitely worth watching the whole series, but the real bigfoot chase seems to take form starting with episode 32…check it out:

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