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Rushing Like a Banshee Glow in the Dark in stock, New Ghost of Hope pressing on RED Splatter!

The Residents - Rushing Like a Banshee GlowHeads up! The Residents’ Rushing like a Banshee 7″ is now available on glow-in-the-dark vinyl! This is our final edition of this wonderful single. Only 100 copies in circulation. Complete your collection! This version comes in a clear 7″ sleeve with a hard plastic card insert featuring the album art.

DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND: The Residents’ latest smash hit album “The Ghost of Hope” flew off of our shelves so fast that a second pressing had to be made so everyone can enjoy this masterpiece on vinyl. This time we offer you The Ghost of Hope on red splatter vinyl! Also limited to only 100 copies so act while supplies last! This version does not come with the limited postcards, however there are still a small handful of White Splatter vinyl left that do!

The Residents - Rushing like a Banshee red Splatter

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Coming Soon! The Residents’ Rushing Like A Banshee

Coming Soon Rushing Like A Banshee

Some of you internet super-sleuths have uncovered this info on their own via a product listing from MVD, so I guess it is time to announce it–Psychofon Records is hard at work producing Rushing Like a Banshee: a new EP from The Residents.

It will contain two tracks from their upcoming album “The Ghost of Hope”. The album (and the EP) features guest collaborator Eric Drew Feldman!

Two tracks from the album, “Rushing Like a Banshee” and “Train vs. Elephant” are being pressed onto a limited 7″ vinyl, in our usual rigmarole of editions. We hope that the EP will be released around November. We want to ensure enough people can get a unique piece of art, hence the multiple variations. Of course, the career collectors are gonna want to buy them all (or die/cry) but that cannot be helped.

Rushing Like A Banshee

Here’s a first look at what our editions will be all about.

The regular black Vinyl, comes in a thick cardboard cover. It is different​ ​from the MVD Version that will be released a bit later. You will see one released on clear/black/white vinyl in a special Psychofon Package. Another one on grey/silver vinyl in the usual Psychofon sleeve.

The really special one is what our in-house artist and product designer calls the “Multiple Record Objet d’art”, but I call it “The Best One”. We cannot wait to show you pictures of this piece. The 7″ red vinyl comes in a special 12″ box-set. This is a true piece of art that any Residents fan will surely want.

Sound clips, an in-depth review of the music and purchase info will be coming soon so be sure to stay informed and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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Bigfoot Beware Back In Stock June 15th!

Bigfoot Beware Is Back In Stock

Bigfoot Beware back in stock again, second pressing. Collector’s editions are gone for good but you can still get your hands on a copy if you missed out on a chance to hear the music!

The first run of all editions of Bigfoot Beware and For Maurice are completely sold out! Thank you all so much for your support of Randy Rose’s very first single.

Bigfoot Beware Back In Stock
Bigfoot Beware Sunset Edition on orange vinyl.

If you are a fan of any of Randy’s or The Eyeballed Ones’ previous work, it’s a no-brainer. The whole thing delivers. Bigfoot Beware is a perfect tie-in to the ongoing Randyland web-series, in which it has more recently meandered towards a hunt for the elusive three-toed bigfoot. Turns out the bastard killed Randy’s family dog Sniffy, way back when he was a youngster. The long-dormant urge for vengeance is finally emerging. As if the scars of that loss weren’t enough, Randy’s pet cat Maurice recently passed away. It is for this reason that he created the B-Side to this single, “For Maurice”, his solemn eulogy. Let us never forget the furry friends who keep us company through every moment of our journey through life. They are, perhaps, the only true source of unconditional love.

Bigfoot Beware Back In Stock
Bigfoot Beware Mini CD Collector’s Edition
Due to popular demand, we will be releasing a second edition. Even though our products are all limited, we want to make sure everyone gets a chance to get a record and hear the music, which is the most important part of this venture. However, we will never release the Green, Red, Clear or Pink vinyl versions again. But, do not fret! The first 100 copies of the second edition will be on sunset-orange vinyl. This will be the LAST of the Bigfoot Beware/For Maurice singles released on colored vinyl. The regular black vinyl “Night” edition will remain for sale via Psychofon Records and future select retailers. Your last chance to buy..or cry!

But that’s not all…

Bigfoot Beware Back in Stock
A Suction Cup Button. Because why not?
Your wish is our command. Due to the sheer amount of requests for a digital audio version, we have decided to release Bigfoot Beware/For Maurice on 3″ CD! We will offer a collector’s package and a normal edition for those of you who just want the CD. The collector’s edition will come in a mini camouflage bag with the CD in a mini sleeve with a mini postcard and a mini Bigfoot button. Let the Mini-mania ensue! We are really keen on bringing out releases in unique formats, and when the requests for a digital version were pouring in, we wanted to respond with something out of the norm, something different fro ma regular CD. And why waste the 2 extra inches of optical grade plastic for a single? Practical and adorable. And just look at that postcard. It’s so tiny! It’s about 1/8th the size of the regular Bigfoot Beware postcards that came with the other special editions.

Bigfoot Beware Back In Stock
Bigfoot Beware T-Shirt, Second Printing
Since the shirts sold out way too fast and people are still asking for ones in their size, there is another run of “Expedishun” logo T-shirts on the way, this time with a white silkscreen on black fabric. And last but not least, a new square button for you pin collectors. This one is a bit different though…you can’t put it on your shirt! The button features the Bigfoot Beware cover art and the back is fitted with a suction cup! Weird!

June 15th is your chance to jump on these offers. If you missed out on the original run, this is your best chance to hear Randy Rose of The Residents at his latest and best.

bigfoot beware ep for maurice ep

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Charles Bobuck Visits The Eyeball Museum

Eyeball Museum

Charles Bobuck

“While in Germany I decided to check out the Eyeball Museum. It is the best displayed and perhaps the largest collection of Residents garbage I have seen. Not that I have seen that much.” ~ Charles Bobuck

Found here are three floors of meticulously catalogued and displayed stuff that I thought I would never have to see again. I understand it is only part of the collection too. He doesn’t have enough room to display it all.

A few things were fakes, that is to say, not actual Residents items. With The Residents that is to be expected.

Eventually I was asked if I wanted to see the Charles Bobuck room. I was not so certain but agreed. We went to the bottom of the stairs where a small door was partially concealed. I was told it was a work in progress and not generally open to the public.

The room was small and mostly dark with items lit as you might expect in a museum. The first wall was mostly just a picture of me as a child of 6 or 7 siting at my piano. Next to the photograph was what appeared to be the piano. I was quickly informed this was a different piano, not the one in the photo but of the same year and model.

The next wall was a photograph I had never seen. It was of two teenagers who did look vaguely familiar. My host, Andreas, said it was from my first date. Apparently Merry, the pretty girl teenager had saved the photo in a scrapbook all these years. Next to the photo was a plastic case containing a brown blob. Supposedly the corsage I had given her. She had saved it too, pressed flat in her sentimental book. I looked closely at the photo and she was wearing a corsage but it did not look like this disturbing blob.

I knew immediately what was on the next wall. Wall 3 had blow-up stills from a JO film I had done in my early San Francisco hippie days. The box the film came in occupied a case next to them. I thought to myself that I was kinda hot.

As I turned to the final wall I was surprised that it was blank. He said that the exhibit was not complete so not yet installed. I asked what it would be. He said that he had made an arrangement with Roman to purchase my ashes and the urn would be the central attraction with an assortment of tasteful clippings of how I had succumbed to whatever I would succumb to.

Then I woke up. I had dreamed the whole thing. Well, not the whole thing. The Eyeball Museum is absolutely real and absolutely worth checking out.