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October 15: The Debut of Bretts Milk!

A new artist is here: Bretts Milk, with a sick debut entitled Daddy’s Breath.


Psychofon Headquarters is bustling with activity, getting ready to release multiple titles at once here, and this one is sure to be a real treat. Lots of great guests popping their heads up in this one, including Nolan Cook and our own Ostrich von Nipple! This CD will come in a fully decked-out digipak and is limited to 200 copies. Release info and more photos will be following shortly, so stay tuned. And as always…Buy or Cry!!

Bretts Milk
Bretts Milk is a musical mad scientist, bringing together disparate elements to create monster masterpieces. His latest concoction, Daddy’s Breath, is a perfect example of how his eclectic tastes manifest into records that singe and satisfy the discriminating listener.

Living in Asheville NC (USA), Bretts Milk has worked within myriad music genres for over 20 years, from electronic down-beat to experimental noise to glam rock, and has crossed paths with the likes of Mark Mothersbaugh (Devo), Adrian Belew (King Crimson, Talking Heads, Frank Zappa) and Claude Coleman Jr. (Ween).

But Bretts Milk’s latest work on Psychofon Records is his pride and joy; the culmination of his unconventional musical experience and features none other than Psychofon Records artist Ostrich Von Nipple. Mix in some guitar work by the brilliant Nolan Cook and you have a recipe for a sonic soundscape that will grab your attention and leave you wanting more.


Edge of Alternative Feiyr compilation

Edge of Alternative Compilation

Another one of Feiyr’s digital compilation releases, “Edge of Alternative” features Ostrich von Nipple’s “So Do We”, as well as 29 other tracks from like-minded musicians.


Check out the music video for So Do We, animated by Poxodd (Featuring Nolan Cook on guitar):

Being a digital compilation, “Edge of Alternative” is available on over 300 stream/download platforms including Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon to name just a few. Now it’s easier than ever to hear Psychofon Records artists and other like-minded musicians. Purchase or stream a copy today and support these artists!

Edge of Alternative Album Art


1 Every Night by Borderline Beauty
2 It Hurts by Blaskovic
3 On My Mind (Shore Mix) by Stephan Massimo
4 Help Me by Rock Class
5 River of God by Born in Power
6 Think About It by Jan-Peter Koch
7 Puzzle of My Life by Rudi Treiber
8 Easy Living (Easy Blended Alternative Mix) by Broyeur
9 Heartbeat by Kyles Tolone
10 Days of Rain by Spinetta Road
11 Pandemonium by Vüjekväsyl
12 Worth Fighting For by Drowning in You
13 Overtone Dreams by Andre Kornev & Jiri Karpjuk
14 We Don’t Give A by Orange Dust
15 Falling Apart by Stillincipher
16 The Nights We Won’t Forget by Burke
17 Fast Floor (4.30 PM Version) by DJ Paul Rust
18 Stranger by Manchester Snow
19 Reminder Infinity by Philipp and the Albatross
20 Impress by Mazunoku
21 Lost My Ticket by Hälsingborg Twin
22 I Cried for You by Lins & Ford
23 Drowning by Koprowski Virus
24 Copy and Paste by Phases of Perception
25 Pipes and Dirges by The Grape Family
26 Once Upon a Time by Vera Di Lecce
27 Alwrong [Explicit] by Terra Toma
28 So Do We by Ostrich Von Nipple
29 Sharing Our Scars by Colt
30 Berlinsway by Martin Brune

Ostrich von Nipple - Swarm Suite/So Do They

Ostrich von Nipple Picture Vinyl Package out NOW!

The latest release by Ostrich von Nipple is finally available on Psychofon Records! Click here to buy! Swarm Suite/So Do They is a pair of suites that compliment and extend upon the ideas and themes upon his previous album Ostrich von Nipple Quantifies Absurdity. The artwork is designed by Poxodd, and and these pieces were conceived specifically to be spun.

The art for each side was inspired by previous collaborations between Pox’ and Ostrich. Have a look/listen:


This 10″ also comes with a CD version in a full-color sleeve, one of two “mirror buttons” and a full-color info card. Hand-numbered and limited to 100 copies.

Ostrich von Nipple Plays Some Shitty Tunes

Ostrich von Nipple Plays Some Shitty Tunes out now!

It’s finally here: “Ostrich von Nipple Plays Some Shitty Tunes”, based on the mysterious abstract compositions from the world of Georgia-based artist Shitty Bedford.

Are you ready for the ride of your life? Then prepare for a cosmic journey through the futuristic mutated soundscapes of Ostrich von Nipple. Totally unearthly..not to mention gross & nasty. Find out what critics are calling “Alice in Wonderland meets industrial aliens from outer space”.


This CD EP features collaborations with the incredible Nolan Cook (Dimesland, The Residents) and The Hatchling (Red Sound), and is packaged in a special 6-track picture CD with a 3D animated flip-flop card inside a super-deluxe king size clear plastic DVD case! Strictly limited to 300 copies, stamped and hand-numbered.

A must-have for fands of The Residents, Snakefinger and Renaldo & The Loaf

To celebrate the release of the new EP, Roscoe Chapp has created a new video for “Footprints”.

ostrich von nipple

Ostrich von Nipple Reviews Say It All About His Previous Albums

After reading page upon page of positive Ostrich von Nipple reviews, we here at Psychofon could not be more happy to have him on our humble label!

“Ostrich von Nipple creates vivid imagery in your mind like few other artists can or do.” 5 out of 5 stars

“[Ostrich von Nipple’s] music reminds me of a fractured and dark Alice in Wonderland-inspired journey , or possibly what plays in one’s head while under the influence of anesthesia.” 5 out of 5 stars

“Excellent compositions and unexpected turns leave me wanting more. Time to turn more folks onto it.” 5 out of 5 stars

The critics don’t lie! If your curiosity is piqued, we strongly suggest you take a listen to some of OVN’s work. Take a look at the videos below, or head on over to ostrichvonnipple.com for extra information, music, clips and more.