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The Residents’ Santa Dog ’17 coming mid-November. Pre-orders begin on Sunday!

It all started in 1972 with The Residents’ ‘Santa Dog’ EP.

Keeping up with tradition is rarely something considered by The Residents. However, when it comes to their seminal first release, they seem to have the penchant for going back to this composition and re-imagining it for whatever new era they happen to be in at the time. Having recomposed Santa Dog at least 8 times since it’s original conception, the tune(s) serve as a touchstone for The Residents and fans, that originally represented the naivete of the young band but now shows how they have grown as artists over the decades. They felt it was important to once again deconstruct and reconstruct Santa Dog after gaining 2 new members and reaching yet another milestone in their career–nearly 50 years of art.

Now ringing in their 45th anniversary, The Residents bring us a brand new installment–Santa Dog ’17 on 7″ vinyl. This darker, driven re-telling of Santa Dog is sure to delight every Residents fan this holiday season as well as bring the composition forward into the current phase of The Residents’ ongoing statement. As is tradition, there will be a free version of Santa Dog 2017 given away sometime around Christmas so be sure to keep your eyes open!

Presale begins Sunday 5 November 2017 at 2pm Central USA time (9pm GMT+1).

Regular Edition – €16,99 Black 7″ vinyl. The first 100 black copies sold will come with a Santa Dog decal!
Limited Edition #1 – €26,99 Transparent green 7″ vinyl in folded cover. Limited to 100 stamped and hand-numbered copies.
Limited Edition #2 – €26,99 Red 7″ vinyl in pocket sleeve. Limited to 100 stamped and hand-numbered copies.

Collector’s Edition – €59,99 Colored 7″ vinyl in a 10″ Santa Dog box. Limited to 200 stamped and hand-numbered copies.
Die Hard Edition – €99,99 What could this be? All we know is it’s limited to only 45 hand-numbered copies!

ONE of the collector’s edition boxes is stamped in a unique way, that would set it apart from all other editions. In the spirit of the season, the lucky boy or girl who gets that box will also get a special gift from Psychofon. Because while Santa Dog may have no presents…we do! Good Luck.


Santa Dog Forever silk-screened t-shirts, metal pins, and more! Arf!


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