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Rave Reviews for Curse of The Baleful Caller

Some generous words were spoken by the people who got the first listen of Locust Fellow & Friends’ debut LP “Curse of The Baleful Caller”.

A few bloggers around the interwebs were given advance copies of the album so they could give their opinions. The reactions were favorable.

Andrew Holmes from Ho7mes Tech & Tunes said..

I listened to the album several times using both headphones and speakers, and I see it as more of a headphone album. It has a well-defined sound as a grand psychedelic soundscape. I’d easily recommend this album to fans of groups like Coil and The Residents (especially if you like their post-2000 output).

Our old friends at United Mutations also had a few listens and had this to say:

This is music from the other side of the fence. “Curse Of The Baleful Caller” sounds like what the album cover looks like. Outsider art translated into music.
I love it.

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