Randy Rose

Randy Rose of The Residents

Founding member and singer for legendary Bay-Area avant-garde artists The Residents, Randy Rose emerged under this moniker back in 2010 along with Chuck & Bob (…& Carlos and eventually Rico) finally revealing themselves to the world as a capable touring power-trio.

While embarking on a trilogy of world tours (Talking Light, Wonder of Weird, Shadowland) to commemorate their 40th anniversary and simultaneously hard at work promoting the Residents documentary ‘Theory of Obscurity’ (Directed by award-winning filmmaker Don Hardy), Randy was spending his free time with Don to create a couple series’ of short web videos which quickly became a sort of documentary in itself. For the first time we had an intimate look into the life of a bona-fide Resident!

The web series’ started with “In My Room” which gave a glimpse into Randy Rose’s home. After a few episodes the series quickly took a sharp turn giving us Randyland: a 143-part (!) spin-off series to ‘In My Room’ in which Randy takes us on a series of manic adventures through his life. The stories are usually told while sitting in his extremely pink bedroom. The viewer is treated to stories of alien abduction to inflatable sheep, even guest starring some recognizable names from Residents history (including Joshua Raoul Brody). Eventually Randy’s focus on his apparent life-long hunt for Bigfoot begins taking hold. As it turns out, Randy has some unfinished business to settle with the mythical woodland creature…


In 2016 Randy teamed up with Psychofon Records to bring you his hit singles ‘Bigfoot Beware’, a hypnotic and certainly “residential” tribal calling-out of the furry phenomenon; and ‘For Maurice’, a sorrowful and heartfelt goodbye to Randy’s pet cat and friend who had been by his side for many years. The Bigfoot Beware/For Maurice 7″, released on 9 April, comes in five different editions ranging from black vinyl to an all-out collector’s package featuring a myriad of trinkets.

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