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Psychofon Release Radar – Q4 2019

Fresh Hell in Fits – A Falsified History of The Residents

Steven Cerio - Fresh Hell in Fits

Four years in the making , Fresh Hell in Fits – counterfeit tales and miraculous events – a falsified history of The Residents” is 40 pages of finely detailed visions of a singular world done in Cerio’s unmistakable style. This narrative comic records Cerio’s falsified retelling of the impossible evolution of performance art magnates The Residents. A bold and wildly inaccurate travel journal along an asynchronous timeline losing you perilously in a superstitious fog. All predicated on nary a single kernel of truth, this wandering evolutionary tale of a blinkless spirit trying to find the right body. A story influenced by the group’s early releases that inspired the artist as a teen in the suburbs of New York with their spirit of free adaption and fruitful exploration. “The spirit and the music were both so looming and beautiful…like open doors” said the artist in an interview with Seconds magazine.

Renaldo & The Loaf – Song of The Lungfish 12″ EP

Renaldo & The Loaf - Song of The Lungfish

Renaldo & The Loaf – Song of The Lungfish 12″ vinyl EP

Standard Black Vinyl – Limited to 100 copies, 24,99€
Collectors Edition, 2 color vinyl – Limited to 200 copies, 29,99€

Both editions come with a special insert and are hand-numbered.

More info to follow shortly…