Val Denham & Cezary Ostrowski – Bobo (7″)


Val Denham & Cezary Ostrowski – BoBo

7″ Orange vinyl limited to 123 numbered copies. Includes a Build-A-Bobo cutout sheet and a Bobo Balloon!

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Coming April 1st – Val Denham & Cezary Ostrowski’s latest 7″ – BOBO

This is a story we had to tell you. A story about the circus of life through which we all walk with laughter and balloons. We look at tightrope walkers, wild animals, we eat cotton candy. We laugh. Being busy with the spectacle that is going on, we do not notice that the balloons are getting more and more flat. And we feel cheated when we realize it. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing we can do. We can always wait for the next circus to arrive.

Working on this album was a great pleasure. Musical, intellectual, almost physical. We hope you will enjoy listening to it. We invite you to our circus. Let Bobo guide you. Let the wind in the trees blow your hair away. Then come back again to our circus. This one or the next one.

~Cezary Ostrowski

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