The Harza Clan – No So Zero 7″


The Harza Clan – No So Zero
Available on Black or Toxic Green 7″ vinyl, hand-numbered. The Toxic Green limited edition comes with a mysteriously familiar bag of herbal tea.

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From the depths of the forests somewhere outside Atlanta, Georgia..The latest project from Shitty Bedford: The Harza Clan. Fans of Shitty Bedford’s output of work will certainly find No So Zero to be a welcome addition to their collection of bizarre sounds from the ether.

Shitty Bedford has worked with Locust Fellow and Friends, Ostrich Von Nipple, Omelet, Pony Bones, Goons of Waxing Gibbous, ‘W’ The Pretender, Saints of an Unnamed Country, the Vam Vriam Company and others making music, video and performance. Shitty wrote scored and directed the Oh! Fearsome Head! series. He lives in a forest near Atlanta and makes musical instruments.

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Black, Transparent Green