Steven Cerio – They All Come Sunshine (CD)


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CD packaged in a large 7“ format Leporello Cover

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Steven Cerio is an artist well known among Psychofon fans for his animation, toys, and posters for The Residents. Has released music on Matador Records, Noiseville, Circadia. He improvised sets with Ron Asheton (The Stooges) and performed and recorded with DeeDee Ramone (The Ramones). Formerly recording and performing under the name Atlantic Drone this new disc with PSYCHOFON RECORDS is Steven’s seventh release as a solo musician.

The title track “They All Come Sunshine” and the second track “Grasshopper Shaped Hole in the Screen Door” both started their lives as 2 scripts Cerio wrote for his next two Films. He wrote the pieces on piano, synth, and xylophone before overdubbing drums, and ambient tape recordings . No samples were used.

Laurie Amat – acclaimed vocalist, experimental composer and performance artist well known for her early work with The Residents and performances throughout the States and Europe got on board to record her narration of his scripts . Chris Anderson contributed violins, and Paulie Kraynak supplied bass feedback improvisations. Also contributing fearless overdubs were guitarists Sean Curly ( The Wallmen, Empire State Observatory, The Midget). Peter Storznecker of Republicant. Trombones by James Hall of the incredible Zappa tribute group Bogus Pomp, Saxes by Bryan Kieser of Atlantic Drone and Brown Cuts Neighbors- long time collaborator with Steven for more than 30 years. Basses by Dale Walker whom Cerio spent his teen years in Mother Cerio’s basement polishing their chops covering all of the prog rock greats.

Cerio spent 4 years revisiting, mixing and overdubbing the pieces for this release. He describes his music in general as ” emotionally corrupt, blurry, forcefully pretty, enthusiastic and dense…” Describing his new release Steven explains, “feels more like an orchestra than a band… like 20th century dial televisions in a spare lot flipping thru news channel footage of our libraries burning down.” “Please use headphones” he adds.

A notable artist, filmmaker, and author, Steven Cerio created his own loving and sarcastic expressions of joy for over three  decades. His unique style helped set  the stage  for the neo-psychedelic revival in New York City. Started in 80’s zines and soon after called  upon by galleries and diverse clients including Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Warner Brothers, Disney, Fantagraphics books, Entertainment Weekly Penguin books. He created art for music acts The Residents, Monster Magnet, Les Claypool, Renaldo and the Loaf, Moe, Widespread Panic, Negativland, and more.

For this limited edition cd release he created a 42 inch long accordion fold out (made of 12 full color 7″ x 7″ images) .

They all come Sunshine 21.59
Grasshopper shaped hole in the Screen Door 16:23

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