Rushing Like a Banshee Collector’s Edition

Rushing Like a Banshee single, the B-Side is Train vs. Elephant. From their upcoming (2017) album The Ghost of Hope.

Record "Objet d'Art" Multiple
Record “Objet d’Art” Multiple

Collector’s Edition

This one is for people interested in displaying their music as art. We present our “Artist’s Multiple”, a train wheel rusted after years of service. The rust under the silk-screen was hand-applied and each one is completely different. The front image is from the album art of The Residents’ Rushing Like a Banshee; the man bending over to pick up some fresh strawberries. On the back side you find the “Official Product” eyeball logo. The red vinyl (which represents the strawberry) is held in place in place over the plate, completing the contour of a flanged train wheel. Half are black & white, and the other half glow in the dark. Only 100 exist.