Renaldo & The Loaf – Song of The Lungfish 12″ EP


Renaldo & The Loaf – Song of The Lungfish 12″ vinyl EP

Standard Black Vinyl – Limited to 100 copies
Collectors Edition, 2 color vinyl – Limited to 200 copies

Both editions come with a special insert and are hand-numbered.

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Not long after the release of their Gurdy Hurding album, Renaldo and The Loaf set a competition called Gurdy Wording, for fans to write some lyrics or to devise a song idea for the band.

In early 2017 a winner was announced, Song of the Lungfish by Eggoddleo Jones. There was always the thought that RATL would one day record the song but, as is usual for their material, RATL gave no timescale.

The lungfish itself is a result of an extended period of evolution and so it was with the creation of these final Lungfish recordings which were started in 2017 and completed in 2019.

The four tracks….
Song Of The Lungfish
Sacred Shore
Lungfish Hornpipe
Song Of The Lungfish Dreaming

….are simultaneously jolly and yet sanguine – the fish being content to dance as they mournfully recall their long lost past.

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