Randy Rose – Bigfoot Beware Die Hard Edition

Randy Rose’s “Bigfoot Beware” single on clear vinyl, one sided. B-side is blank, and features a Bigfoot-print. Two variations of the Bigfoot Beware die Hard Edition exist: Camouflage, and Netted bag. There is no choosing, they are sold in alternating order. Strictly limited to 50 Copies.

The Bigfoot Beware Die Hard Edition

This variation is a one-sided single of “Bigfoot Beware” on clear vinyl. Comes in one of two different camouflage bags, with a silk screened print on the clear plastic cover, a ‘Sniffy’ Postcard and a little certificate bag with REAL Bigfoot Hair! Strictly limited to 50 copies.

Bigfoot…I hate your guts…

‘Bigfoot Beware’ tells the story of an 18 year old Randy and the tragic events that took place almost 50 years ago and led him to finally take the plunge and hunt down the bastard himself! That’s right. Randy has embarked upon a quest to hunt and kill the rare and elusive Three-Toed Bigfoot, and while his crack team of experts didn’t show up as expected, he and his good buddy Schooner have hit the supposedly-haunted forests of the Cobb Estate in Altadena CA, where the “Expedishun” begins. This single is a bit different than others. It’s a mixture of chant, story, and song. Randy’s storytelling tone in Bigfoot Beware is certainly on par with past spoken word pieces you may be familiar with by the Residents. What’s better, it’s a new story and concept that has not been approached yet: Cryptozoology. Compositionally, Residents fans will immediately recognize their patent use of cleverly arranged percussive elements with keys, strings, and myriad other sounds woven throughout to create another sonic masterpiece. Bigfoot’s heavy steps leaving huge prints in the Louisiana mud can be heard leaving rhythmical footprints in the composition as the tribal drums pulse out a deep steady thud throughout the track. Bigfoot…Bigfoot…

The Bigfoot Beware Die Hard Edition is a one-sided iteration of the single, and comes with some story-related oddities, such as a postcard featuring a photo of Randy’s mother holding up his childhood pet Sniffy; And somehow, against all odds, actual genuine Bigfoot hair. Well, no one can be really sure who it came from, but Randy seems to believe it, and so do we.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 2 cm