Swarm Suite/So Do They Picture Vinyl Package


This handsome package comes with the 10″ Picture vinyl, CD version of the album, Swarm Suite Mirror Button and a stamped & hand-numbered info card. Limited to 100 copies, act while supplies last!

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This special 10″ titled Swarm Suite/So Do They is the final piece to the puzzle that is “Ostrich von Nipple Quantifies Absurdity”.

A combination of new material and familiar tones swirl around much like the art by Poxodd when this record is on your turntable. A MUST-HAVE for Ostrich von Nipple fans.

“Swarm Suite” returns to the playful rhythm and melodies of “Swarm & Punctuate Again”, as well as introduces previously unreleased material. Something old, something new, something borrowed and certainly blue. Edges peel away revealing new layers once again. Through madness, dead dog innards and personal sorrow we somehow end up where we began. A circle is complete. “So Do They” allowed the opportunity to release the alternate, instrumental version of “So Do We” (which had already been recorded). This instrumental version was originally intended to be released on the abandoned CD that would have contained alternate versions of each “Ostrich Von Nipple Quantifies Absurdity” tune. Finally, the whole story is told and can be enjoyed or despised by all. This suite is beautiful and peaceful at times, terrifying and haunting at others. Always meditative. Inward we go.

Featuring: Haven Walker (sarod), r0b0t (guitar), Nolan Cook (guitar) & art by Poxodd.

2 Track; Running time approx. 26 minutes.

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Dimensions 26 × 26 × 2 cm