Ostrich von Nipple Quantifies Absurdity Die Hard Package

Ostrich von Nipple's third release on Psychofon. Features Nolan Cook (guitar), Molly Harvey (guest vocals), r0b0t (guitar, electronics) Savage Joe (drums) and The Hatchling (electronics). Comes with the CD in a folding triptych DVD case, an OVN door hanger, Very special incense to set the mood, a cool quantifies absurdity button and a very special multicolored 7″ vinyl containing two special tracks!! Packaged in a clear zipper bag to display your treasure. Stamped and hand-numbered. Limited to 33 copies.

Format: CD, Running time approx. 50 minutes.

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Is there a time when self-deprecation can be as equally harmful and unreasonable as using public execution for entertainment? Can pain and obsession coexist in a world full of extraterrestrial beach barbecues? Can we calculate and analyze such silly occurrences then regurgitate them into meaningful experiences? Perhaps not before now. More specifically, before listening to “Ostrich Von Nipple Quantifies Absurdity”.

Some moments pass by without notice of time. Others we try and hold on to in foolish attempts to make them last longer than intended. Sometimes we clench our teeth when an unpleasant moment feels like a lifetime.

Nolan Cook (guitar), r0b0t (guitar), Savage Joe (malletKAT, drums & marimba), Molly Harvey (vocals) & Havyn the Hatchling (voice & electronics) join Ostrich von Nipple in an attempt to create moments and find meaning in things like cowardly clowns, lovers obsessed with ligature strangulation, and spiritual mumbo-jumbo (among other things).

Check out the music video for “Upright Jerker”, featuring Nolan Cook on guitar and Molly Harvey on vocals!