Ostrich von Nipple Qualifies Absurdity


An EP jam-packed with 6 new songs on a 3″ mini CD. Available also as a collector's edition which includes a 'Master View' mini television set 'idiot box' with 8 slides to view along with the music.

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Qualification is imminent.

Ostrich von Nipple presents the exciting conclusion to the Absurdity series with Ostrich von Nipple Qualifies Absurdity! With six new tracks forming a new view of the absurd, Ostrich goes further than ever before to deliver you this latest masterpiece. Exploring uncharted territory with lots of new sounds and concepts and featuring guest guitarists r0b0t, Steve Moss and Nolan Cook. This EP is explosive and will likely set precedent for future releases by Ostrich von Nipple.

The regular version is a 3″ CD which comes in a mini DVD case and includes a real ostrich feather! The collector’s Idiot Box is a miniature “Master Vision” television set that displays 8 slides for you to view along with the 3″ CD EP which is hosted inside a mini jewel case. The slides are inspired by the songs and reveal their titles, as well as opening closing slides. Both versions of Ostrich von Nipple Qualifies Absurdity are hand-numbered and limited.

Worried that you cannot play a 3″ CD?

The 3-inch CD format follows the Red Book standard for CD digital audio. The main difference is that the smaller physical size of the disc. The overwhelming majority of audio CD players and CD-ROM drives have a smaller circular indentation in the CD tray for holding these discs. Laptop drives generally only require the centre hole to hold the disc so the smaller diameter is irrelevant. Some slot-loading drives, such as those found in some car CD players, are unable to manipulate the smaller discs or their adapters.

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3" Mini CD (Regular Edition), 3" Mini CD + Idiot Box (Collector's Edition)