Ostrich von Nipple Contemplates the Cosmos – 10th Anniversary Edition (CD)


Ostrich von Nipple Contemplates the Cosmos 10th Anniversary Edition, with 6 previously unreleased bonus tracks! Housed in a snazzy Steelbox injected with intergalactic artwork guaranteed to open your third eye.

Release date: 1 April 2021

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Proudly available for the first time ever on Psychofon Records! Originally released as a CD-R “on demand” on April 1, 2011 by WM Recordings – This anniversary edition has a running time near 65 min and features approximately 20 min of new music, some of which previously unreleased anywhere. Including, a recently revisited classic tune by special guest Nolan Cook. Exquisitely packaged in what feels like some sort of time capsule, this item is limited. Don’t delay, get one today… -Phillip Ian Toob

Joining OVN on this introspective, interstellar exploration are special guests Nolan Cook of Dimesland (and rumored guitarist for The Residents); r0b0t, Chief Savage Joe, and Viola da Jarvis of The Goons of Waxing-Gibbous; and Havyn the Hatchling of The Locust Fellow 5’s. Format: CD

Pondering such truths and mysteries of the universe as the joy of dancing crustaceans, the absurdity of love, and the humor in cannibalism, “Ostrich Von Nipple Contemplates the Cosmos “is a sonic journey navigating tribal incantations, chicken taco obsessions, and roach-drawn carriages.”


Process of…
This Is Not Something That I Know
Fine & Dandy
Pin Prick
Nya Nya
Grumpy Crustaceans
Walter Lantz
Cannibalism Is Funny
Chatterbox Vs. Pottymouth
Bine Bine & String
Two Times My Size
Work No Play
All Digress
Such Things Are Irrelevant
When I’m Dead
Sopapilla Stomper
Drop the Line
There is no Dana, only Zuul
Jesus Christ on a Bobsled

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