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Ostrich von Nipple plays some Shitty Tunes, Ostrich von Nipple Quantifies Absurdity, and the Ostrich von Nipple Picture Disc 10″ vinyl for one killer price! Order today and save more than €29!

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This bundle is only available until the end of March.
Ostrich von Nipple Plays Some Shitty Tunes
Swarm Suite So Do They
Bundle up this winter and SAVE!

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Here for a limited time only, the Ostrich von Nipple Bundle! That is correct, folks. This offer will only be around until the end of March! For a special price you can kickstart your Ostrich von Nipple collection with three of his most classic works:

The 10″ Picture vinyl is packaged with a CD version of the album, a Swarm Suite Mirror Button and a stamped & hand-numbered info card. A combination of new material and familiar tones swirl around much like the art by Poxodd when this record is on your turntable. A MUST-HAVE for Ostrich von Nipple fans. Featuring: Haven Walker (sarod), r0b0t (guitar), Nolan Cook (guitar).

Ostrich von Nipple Quantifies Absurdity. Join Ostrich von Nipple in an attempt to create moments and find meaning in things like cowardly clowns, lovers obsessed with ligature strangulation, and spiritual mumbo-jumbo (among other things). Features Nolan Cook (guitar), r0b0t (guitar), Savage Joe (malletKAT, drums & marimba), Molly Harvey (vocals) & Havyn the Hatchling (voice & electronics).

Ostrich von Nipple Plays Some Shitty Tunes: Ostrich von Nipple’s maiden voyage with Psychofon Records. Presented in a special DVD case with a removable 3D-animated card. On a whim OVN began to record one his favorite tunes by good friend and colleague, Shitty Bedford. Reality shifted. Pleased with the outcome of this first “cover” it was decided that a small collection of Bedford tunes would be rearranged, then recorded and given to him as a gift. The tunes are intimate in nature, drawing the listener into a personal experience with its creator. Suddenly a ring at the door. Opportunities are presented. An unintentional project is given life.

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