Harvey & Nipple 7″


A new collaboration between Molly Harvey and Ostrich von Nipple! Will be available in black or clear-magenta vinyl. Strictly limited to 100 copies each. Cover art by Molly Harvey.


A new collaboration between Molly Harvey and Ostrich von Nipple! Fans of either artist’s body of work are not going to miss this one. Three new tracks spread across a clear-magenta 7″ vinyl disc. Also available in standard black, if that’s your thing. Both colors are limited to 100 pieces each.

Tracklist: You Said (Part 14), You Said (Part 41), Hairball Jam

Molly Harvey is an American singer, actress and visual artist best known for her recording and touring work with The Residents. Ostrich Von Nipple is an American music maker best known for making music. Molly Harvey and Ostrich Von Nipple have a friendship that goes back 20+ years, when they became fast friends over the phone while Molly worked at Ralph America and OVN was studying music in the San Francisco Bay Area. As chance would have it, they met again in 2011 at a Residents show in Atlanta GA. Funny enough, the two ended up living in the same area on the opposite coast from which they met. Since re-connecting, the two have worked on underground theatre productions with fellow Psychofon artist Shitty Bedford, and Molly has appeared as a vocalist on two of OVN’s Psychofon releases. When schedules permit, the two friends enjoy playing around and experimenting in OVN’s basement home studio.

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Black Vinyl, Magenta Vinyl