Mariola Brillowska & Felix Kubin – Morgenröte / Aus Gold modelliert die Nacht 7″


Mariola Brillowska and Felix Kubin “Morgenröte” (b/w Aus Gold modelliert die Nacht) 7″ vinyl. The first release in Psychofon Records' 'Forgotten Pearls' series. Available in two versions. The standard edition is pressed on turquoise vinyl, 100 hand-numbered copies. The collector's edition is pressed on blue vinyl, limited to 50 hand-numbered copies. Both come packaged in a special large-sized package (20.5 x 43cm!) and include a special promo comic book, a companion to Morgenröte!

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Things are looking quite grim for the future of creation.

In the 71st century, sex is practiced only by machine. Males are a dying species. The few surviving specimens serve as pure-blooded sperm donors. If they refuse, they are castrated. Violence is en Vogue. Electronic surveillance insects spout sadistic slogans from the Marquis de Sade.

Hamburg-based artists Mariola Brillowska and Felix Kubin have created a gloomy vision of a complex anti-utopian world.

Sarcastically they comment on the Western world: Consumption with interpersonal coldness, the glorification of violence and the transfiguration of rationale. Mankind, they suggest, has not learned much since the upright walk, and our laboriously developed moral values have not prevented us from waging wars and devastating the earth. All signs are pointing towards some final catastrophe.

The survivors vegetate on the synthetic “Planetoid Nietzsche” in a fascist matriarchy. At the head of the totalitarian regime is the x-cloned Nobel laureate Madame Curie. The sciences dominate nature, and humanistic values of the 20th century have become obsolete. Emotions and physical touch are considered taboo.

Everything depends on the outcome of the hopeless actions of some dispersed terrorists in the seventy-first century. By kidnapping the president, they hope to bring down the totalitarian regime and break the chains of sterility. However, their tracks are being followed with deadly instinct by the unscrupulous Madame Curie devotees Linda and Lorna.

Mörgenröte is a short episode from the bizarre world of the two comic book heroines, Linda and Lorna. Shaped by Mariola Brillowska’s distinctive drawing style, an iridescent flicker stretches throughout the film, bringing all objects to pulsating life. Together with Felix Kubin’s experimental setting, a fruitful symbiosis has been created.

Aus Gold modelliert die Nacht (B side) is previously unpublished and is part of the unfinished fragmentary story of Linda and Lorna.

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