Locust Fellow & Friends ‘Curse of The Baleful Caller’ Splatter LP


Debut LP from Locust Fellow & Friends, 'Curse of The Baleful Caller' on splatter vinyl. Comes in vibrant full-color sleeve, and includes an mp3 download code. Album art by Poxodd. Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.

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Locust Fellow & Friends “Curse of The Baleful Caller” Splatter LP.

The debut album from Mr. Locust Fellow and his friends Ostrich von Nipple, Shitty Bedford, r0b0t and others. Based on a simple but daunting concept, the music is composed to the album’s art, which has been created specifically for this project by the artist known as Poxodd. In other words; the art creates the music, the music paints the art, and together they tell a story.

At times the music is light and free. Other times it is dark and direct. Ultimately, it is a collection of high-concept psychedelia, other-worldly trances, insect cooking instructions, barkers from beyond and modern tribal ritual music. With this concept of painting music to composed art, we give you Locust Fellow & Friends, and their steadily unpredictable sci-fi epic. Limited to 100 hand numbered copies, so act fast!

Rave reviews are pouring in from around the globe, and the opinion is the same–Curse of The Baleful Caller is a hit! Check out what United Mutations had to say about their experience with Mr. Locust Fellow and his friends over at the United Mutations blog.

Andrew from Ho7mes Tech & Tunes also published a wonderful review of Curse of The Baleful Caller, you can check it out at his website.

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