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Locust Fellow & Friends' Curse of The Baleful Caller on Black Vinyl and A Minor Hex on CD, all for one killer price! Order today and save more than €10!

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This bundle is only available until the end of March.
Locust Fellow & Friends 'Curse of The Baleful Caller' Splatter
locust fellow & friends - a minor hex
Bundle up this winter and SAVE!

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Here for a limited time only, the Locust Fellow & Friends Bundle! That is correct, folks. This offer will only be around until the end of March! For a special price you can have BOTH of Mr. Locust Fellow’s albums delivered straight to your door, no muss-no-fuss and no cleanup required! In this bundle you get:

Curse of The Baleful Caller: The debut album from Mr. Locust Fellow and his friends Ostrich von Nipple, Shitty Bedford, r0b0t and others. Based on a simple but daunting concept, the music is composed to the album’s art, which has been created specifically for this project by the artist known as Poxodd. In other words; the art creates the music, the music paints the art, and together they tell a story.

A Minor Hex: The second and latest installment from GA based experimentalist Mr. Locust Fellow and his friends. Fans of their previous masterpiece “Curse of the Baleful Caller” will absolutely need this in their collection in order to complete the ritual. These are the missing pieces to an incomplete curse…

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