Jeff & Jane Hudson – The Middle (CD)


Jeff & Jane Hudson – The Middle – CD
11 Tracks

Originally self-released in 2016.
First official release on-label

Limited to 150 copies.


Now available for pre-order. Release date: 15 March 2021

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“The Middle” is a glorious throwback to the postpunk era of proto-electronic bands such as the B-52s, Human Sexual Response, and Devo, with rhythms and guitars and vocals that recall the proto-punk of Iggy Pop and even the Velvet Underground. “The Middle” includes mostly new songs (at the time in 2016), with newly recorded arrangements of old favorites including “Gertrude Stein” and “Los Alamos”


1. The Middle
2. Innocent
3. Elephants
4. Make It So
5. Friday 1
6. Up Til Now
7. Gertrude Stein
8. Forever
9. Los alamos
10. Victory
11. Sleet Blues

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