Eyeball Fairytales – A Portfolio by Christel Jacobs


Eyeball Fairytales: A Portfolio by Christel Jacobs inspired by The Residents

Available in standard and collector’s editions. Includes 10x 300-gram full-color Dyna-4 prints in a custom folder with a certificate of authenticity. More details below.


The Eyeball Museum and Psychofon Records presents: Eyeball Fairytales – the first in a series of portfolios, by Christel Jacobs.

This portfolio includes 10x 300-gram full-color Dyna-4 prints inspired by The Residents and their body of work. You may recognise Christel Jacobs as the artist who previously illustrated our very first comic book, “Alive at the Eyeball Museum“!
There are two editions available: Standard and Collector. Both are, as always, limited editions.
Standard edition, €49,99 limited to 75 copies: The 10 prints come in a grey folder with full-color artwork stamps. Comes with a certificate and seal and is hand-numbered.
Collector’s edition, €69,99, The 10 prints come in a hand-made folder with special stamps. Each copy is signed by Christel Jacobs and includes a unique sketch drawn by the artist on the inner cover. Comes with a sealed and hand-numbered certificate of authenticity.

Are you interested in owning any of the originals of these pieces?

Christel is offering her originals for sale! These will definitely go very quickly, so do not hesitate!  You can contact her directly via email.

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