Dead Man’s Underwear


Dead Man's Underwear CD in digipak. 8 tracks.

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Created by Atlanta-area mysterious being Shitty Bedford and brought to life by Ostrich von Nipple and many other players..

“Dead Mans Underwear began as an archaeological dig and ended as a botched tribute to electronic music of the 90’s. Some say it was Amelia Earhart’s plane, some say it was a moonshine distillery, others say it was a 20′ trailer home moved from Oklahoma to Georgia by a tornado. Was Amelia Earhart an amateur pornographer in Technicolor? Known by the neighbor folk as the blind diminutive trap for young fellas back there in the pulp-wood? The harpoon gun came later, and the soup thickened, so we consulted the Ensoniq SQ-2, heads adorned as once was the thigh of some whoever it was.

dead man underwearNo photos were taken. But we do have the prints. And out came a dazed and crippled man, associated only geographically, and then he too died, then what was once not funny, and had become funny (at least to a drunk), suddenly ceased to be funny as the underwear that had once wrapped our faces was joined in the mask box by pairs that held sincere memories close to us. So it came to feel Shitty that we made mockery of the death of an unknown possibly genderless aviator once one who was close but inconsequential to most kicked the bucket unceremoniously and quite tubed. Then shortly thereafter it was all hilarious again so the switch was flipped and the electrons scurried about and then there was a Dead Man’s Underwear CD.”

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