Bexa Lala – Liquid Krell Metal CD


Bexa Lala – Liquid Krell Metal
Limited to 150 hand-numbered copies

16 Track album

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1. Band Under
2. New 23
3. Cold Gold
4. Fly Away
5. Uno
6. Bexa Bexa
7. Heshe
8. Slow
9. Amino Acid
10. Do You Really Think
11. Room 33
12. Disappointed Punk
13. Passion
14. Timothy 7
15. A New Toy
16. Lorette for Pigs (featuring Nolan Cook)

Liquid Krell Metal – Exercise in Hiding

From the beginning to the end, this little gem in Bexa Lala’s discography keeps the listener alert and surprised.

The songs keep appearing out of the blue and disappearing nearly as fast as they appear. But, as soon as you notice the invisible link between them, you start to follow the path led by the band.

You realize that they are on the hunt for traces of the ultimate sound of Bexa Lala, as if the band is covering itself. One can notice bits and pieces scattered throughout the history of this cryptic group gathered in one place. This album plays like “The Best of Bexa Lala”, but without the songs that you already know.

But there is more: Once you finish listening to Liquid Krell Metal, you realize the hidden potential behind those short gems of musical experience. Suddenly things that are hidden become even more intriguing then the content of the album. What would become of the songs if they were longer, fully grown, less “hidden”? And you listen again. And there comes another surprise. Liquid Krell Metal is like a puzzle. Nothing is missing. It just needs to be assembled.

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