Alive at The Eyeball Museum Comic Book Collector’s Edition

Alive at the Eyeball Museum – Collector's Edition. 39 pages. Hand-numbered and signed by artist Christel Jacobs. Comes with a Wonderland of Weird t-shirt, a color Eyeball Museum button and matching color decal. Strictly limited–act while supplies last!


Deep in the reaches of another dimension…The Eyeball Museum is a place where all of the random debris from The Residents’ career seems to have washed up. At one point in 2013, even The Residents themselves visited the museum to see what all the hubbub was about. This is the story of that fateful visit. Co-written by Christel Jacobs & Andreas Mathews and illustrated by Christel Jacobs, this 39 page comic book also features color cover art and a color mural image in the center of the book’s story..a MUST-HAVE for fans of The Residents.