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New Schwump & Bexa Lala, plus ‘Song of the Lungfish’ on CD!

Schwump Bexa Lala Renaldo & The Loaf

To kick off 2020 we have some great new releases to add to your collection.

Barry Schwam/Schwump - Frog Opera

Barry Schwam/Schwump – The Frog Opera

“A long time ago, in a far away place, Schwump began the creation of his mysterious Frog Opera. But due to many moves, and many lost items, that Frog Opera became missing in action, never to see the light of day.

But, now, in 2020, thanks to the encouragement of Andreas Mathews, the opera was re-created, and is even better than the original.

With many new songs and sounds, this 39 minute spectacular will revive your imagination as you follow Tad, our hero, who once a human prince, then was turned into a frog by an evil witch. He travels through land and sea, earth and space, trying to find a way out of his dilemma. He meets a toadess, who tries to convince him to marry her, and stay a frog. But Tad, being a frog, not a toad, wants nothing to do with her. He abandons her, searching for a cure to his frog -ness. He has many adventures, including a meeting with Yodel, the wise Frog of Yore , entering the Swirling Well of Darkness, encountering the Alien Frog from Outer Space, battling the Terribly Twisted Toad Monster, and an evening with the enchanting Tree Frog Creatures.

This work, inspired by The Residents, may be the crowning finish to a wonderful journey of music and my imagination over many years. I truly hope you enjoy it.” ~Barry

Bexa Lala - Liquid Krell Metal

Bexa Lala – Liquid Krell Metal

(Featuring Nolan Cook, Track 16) From the beginning to the end, this little gem in Bexa Lala’s discography keeps the listener alert and surprised.

The songs keep appearing out of the blue and disappearing nearly as fast as they appear. But, as soon as you notice the invisible link between them, you start to follow the path led by the band.

You realize that they are on the hunt for traces of the ultimate sound of Bexa Lala, as if the band is covering itself. One can notice bits and pieces scattered throughout the history of this cryptic group gathered in one place. This album plays like “The Best of Bexa Lala”, but without the songs that you already know.

But there is more: Once you finish listening to Liquid Krell Metal, you realize the hidden potential behind those short gems of musical experience. Suddenly things that are hidden become even more intriguing then the content of the album. What would become of the songs if they were longer, fully grown, less “hidden”? And you listen again. And there comes another surprise. Liquid Krell Metal is like a puzzle. Nothing is missing. It just needs to be assembled.

Renaldo & The Loaf - Song of The Lungfish

Now on CD by popular demand!

Renaldo & The Loaf – Song of the Lungfish

Not long after the release of their Gurdy Hurding album, Renaldo and The Loaf set a competition called Gurdy Wording, for fans to write some lyrics or to devise a song idea for the band.

In early 2017 a winner was announced, Song of the Lungfish by Eggoddleo Jones. There was always the thought that RATL would one day record the song but, as is usual for their material, RATL gave no timescale.

The lungfish itself is a result of an extended period of evolution and so it was with the creation of these final Lungfish recordings which were started in 2017 and completed in 2019.

The four tracks (Song Of The Lungfish, Sacred Shore, Lungfish Hornpipe, Song Of The Lungfish Dreaming) are simultaneously jolly and yet sanguine – the fish being content to dance as they mournfully recall their long lost past.