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A Minor Hex: New Locust Fellow & Friends

locust fellow & friends - A minor hex

Mr. Locust Fellow returns with the missing pieces to a curse. A Minor Hex will befall us on 9 September.

Psychofon Records is proud to help Locust Fellow & Friends present “A Minor Hex”, the latest peek into the twisted world of the mysterious band of unearthly critters who seem have made their base camp somewhere in the outskirts of Georgia. Fans of their previous LP “Curse of The Baleful Caller” (also available on black vinyl) will revel in the glory of this CD, once again visually punctuated by Poxodd’s art.

Locust Fellow & Friends’ “A Minor Hex”….the ritual continues on 9 September. Want to hear more? Check out these two singles from the album! Interest sufficiently piqued? Click here to buy.