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Lolita Terrorist Sounds and Nick Cave Release Party 22 September in Berlin!

In anticipation of Reinhard Kleist’s Nick Cave – Mercy on Me graphic novel and the Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds art book (both from Carlsen Comics), there will be a big release party on 22 September in the Berlin venue SO36.

Nick Cave, mostly known for his prolific career as the leader of the Bad Seeds and Grinderman as well as a writer, actor and composer for film scores, is one of the most versatile artists of the last decades. He will be celebrating his 60th birthday on 22 September.

Reinhard Kleist’s Mercy on Me is described by the Cave himself as a “… biographical half-truth …completely bizarre journey into Cave world.”

Mercy on Me is Kleist’s most extensive and ambitious work. Parallel to the release of the graphic novel, an art book will be published which contains drawings, painted portraits, sketches and illustrated songs representing the Australian singer in various phases of his life and career.

The release party will be happening on 22 September in Berlin in the legendary SO36 club. On the same evening, Reinhard Kleist will be joining the music of Lolita Terrorist Sounds with a live drawing performance. The band, founded by the Italian-born musician Maurizio Vitale, will be performing with a special line-up, including a cast of international collaborators such as Roderick Miller (USA), Masaya Moussa KalamUllah (Japan) and Jonas Bovin (Sweden).

The band will be launching the limited-numbered vinyl Shaved Girl, coming out with special artwork by Reinhard Kleist and soon available on Psychofon Records.

The line-up of the party includes the critically acclaimed British musician Gemma Ray.

“Gemma Ray is one inspired music machine” – MOJO MAGAZINE

It will include performances and DJ acting from Steffi Gras, Vadda Cash and Max Dax.
Tickets are available via SO36, and you can check out the Facebook event page here