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Feel Good Indie Rock Feiyr Compilation

Feel Good Indie Rock – ANOTHER DIGITAL COMPILATION FROM FEIYR, with Ostrich Von Nipple’s Upright Jerker, a track from his last full length CD, Ostrich von Nipple Quantifies Absurdity. Featuring Nolan Cook on guitar and Molly Harvey on vocals.


10094870_2400 Kopie

1 Stick Around by Phases of Perception
2 Terrakotta by Jack Snipe
3 Dance Dance Dance by Beat Overdose
4 Let Me Be Your Hero by Level Up 2 Hero
5 Beelzebub (Acoustic Version) by Burke
6 Windows of My Soul by Austin Grey
7 Once Upon a Time by Vera Di Lecce
8 Upright Jerker by Ostrich Von Nipple
9 Moja Domoviva by Rudi Treiber
10 Stop the Pain by Colt
11 Feeling Good, Feeling Fine (Orchestral Remix) by Loose Passenger Seat
12 Don’t Neglect the Nighttime by Major Leagues
13 Siehst du mich? by Virágom7
14 Königs Schwerter by Zmydabeat feat. Keoz & Sirwanoss
15 I’m a Man by Jörg
16 Empty Houses by Illenberger
17 No One to Save by Subpop Squeeze
18 It’s Now by Palm Valley
19 After the Dawn by Driving Dogs
20 Wir kommen zurück by Klappe
21 Meg Merrilies by Tobias Herzz Hallbauer
22 Alien Attack by Electio
23 Let Us Fly by Love Sees No Color
24 Revenge, Pt. 1 by Devil-M
25 Vanitas by Watered
26 Predome by Twixter