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Coming 20 March – The Black Lennons ‘Expertos en Mí’

The Black Lennons - Expertos en MíSoon to be available on CD in a special foldout packaging and limited to 100 copies: A brand new album from The Black Lennons! Expertos en Mí, their follow up to the 2017 release Sebas y Conrado: Trabajo Fino y Delicado has them approaching new and more intangible subject matter.

A scream in a forest of ..paper instances? Speeches that are confused with car horns. The Process, the Ministry building of Mogamma, the prayers. Expertos en Mí (“Experts on me”). A subconcius slogan. A drawing of gentlemen with a raincoat and hat that seem to spy or perhaps expire.

Again a record with several interlaced stories, both subjunctive and derivative. “Experts on me” who have no idea. Because nothing, absolutely nothing is relative.

And going to the concrete, in this ever changing formation of this group of a fixed member, the songs are composed by Julen Palacios and performed by Adrián Ceballos on drums and himself with the collaboration of Silvia Grijalba singing in “Mogamma”. It is recorded by Miguel Lorenzo at Influx Rds.

Coming March 20th!