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UFO Hawaii’s Tele-Krümmer LP available soon! Expected 15 April.

ufo hawaii tele-krummer

This record is a world first. A device that none had yet dared execute. An outrageous synesthetic gambit. And simultaneously an homage to endearing absurdities. It’s a truism that music creates images in one’s head, but here the truism is turned on its own head: the image of a „Landschaftstelefon“ (“Landscape-Telephone”) creates music!

Achim Treu, alias UFO Hawaii, bestows a sonorous “repertoire expansion” to the term, „image composition“. And it’s little wonder – since he works as a film composer, among other things. In the physical as well in the virtual act of drifting along, Treu is a collector of the sorts of artifacts that proudly display their own oddness. And so it came to pass that he found a strange picture titled “Tele-Krümmer” at a flea market one day. A picture which seemed to have fallen from its own world into ours, with the intention of finding a new identity here. And thus the visual came to become vinyl.

The radiance of the “Tele-Krümmer” picture already fascinates on its own. But often discoveries like this one are reluctant to communicate properly. They suggest many interpretations, while their real stories remain murmured in secrecy. Is this the patent application of someone mentally disturbed? Or a page ripped from an old schoolbook in a parallel universe? Whatever the case, Treu has engaged in a “phonolysis” of said picture: He’s examined the murmurs of the seven elements that make up the “Landschaftstelefon” regarding their stereophonic properties. This creative endeavor has infused all of its inspiring force into the bizarre sound aesthetic of odd chamber music, dances, rituals, control circuits, energy flows (most likely magnetic) beyond all norms. Something mystical has been set into motion.

The listener will travel and marvel, and find that an exploration of the unknown is capable of exposing the beauty that lies in detail. On this album, seven elements unfold their magical exotica of surrealistic folklore nestled somewhere between narcotoxicant noise and dada-processing (namely Big Dada). In the end, the Tele-Krümmer story dissolves in a wonderful, well-heated drama, which now addresses the beauty of consternation. If only because this great record ends after only 34 minutes.

How should one categorize this work stylistically? Perhaps so: If one day a collector of found objects should find a copy of this exclusive vinyl at a futuristic swap meet, he or she might suspect that it could be the single-ever vinyl release by a certain Max Ernst; or perhaps Hieronymus Siemens. It seems then only logical that the musical portrait of a „Landscape-Telephone“ should be released on Psychofon Records; as a limited connisseur edition, by the way.

Personal details concerning the producer: Achim Treu/UFO Hawaii has released material under the aliases Künstler Treu and Dauerfisch, as well as Fluffy Target (with Richard Cameron) and collaborated with synthesizer pioneer Jon Appleton.
He was member and producer of the neo-dada trio Der Plan, guitarist in Berlin’s darling band Mutter, and played in Alec Empire’s live lineup. He’s cancelled his radio show „The U.F.O. Hawaii Radio Show“ on, after 100 episodes, for the time being anyway.

James Dean Brown

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Specially Priced Bundles, and What’s New this Spring

It seems a little bit quiet over here at Psychofon Records, but behind closed doors we are hard at work preparing for the several exciting projects we are releasing this year!

We have put together FOUR very specially priced bundles for you to enjoy. For a limited time only, you can boost your collection of Ostrich von Nipple, DDAA, Locust Fellow & Friends, Bexa Lala, Bretts Milk and Dead Man’s Underwear for prices that you can no longer pass up. All of the bundles are shipped with tracking + insurance to ensure their safe arrival to your shelf. Act quickly–these offers will disappear at the end of March.

Speaking of Spring, on March 15th The Residents’ Ghost of Hope will be back in stock in split clear red/solid white vinyl.

Starting in April we will see the arrival of several new productions that are guaranteed to sizzle the senses! New releases from UFO Hawaii (Der Plan) “Tele-Krümmer”, Felix Kubin & Mariola Brillowska debuting our ‘Forgotten Pearls’ series, The Residents are putting out another exciting album, Netherlands legendary group Minny Pops are also busy putting together a record, and of course we can’t forget new Ostrich von Nipple on the way…

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The Residents’ Santa Dog ’17 coming mid-November. Pre-orders begin on Sunday!

It all started in 1972 with The Residents’ ‘Santa Dog’ EP.

Keeping up with tradition is rarely something considered by The Residents. However, when it comes to their seminal first release, they seem to have the penchant for going back to this composition and re-imagining it for whatever new era they happen to be in at the time. Having recomposed Santa Dog at least 8 times since it’s original conception, the tune(s) serve as a touchstone for The Residents and fans, that originally represented the naivete of the young band but now shows how they have grown as artists over the decades. They felt it was important to once again deconstruct and reconstruct Santa Dog after gaining 2 new members and reaching yet another milestone in their career–nearly 50 years of art.

Now ringing in their 45th anniversary, The Residents bring us a brand new installment–Santa Dog ’17 on 7″ vinyl. This darker, driven re-telling of Santa Dog is sure to delight every Residents fan this holiday season as well as bring the composition forward into the current phase of The Residents’ ongoing statement. As is tradition, there will be a free version of Santa Dog 2017 given away sometime around Christmas so be sure to keep your eyes open!

Presale begins Sunday 5 November 2017 at 2pm Central USA time (9pm GMT+1).

Regular Edition – €16,99 Black 7″ vinyl. The first 100 black copies sold will come with a Santa Dog decal!
Limited Edition #1 – €26,99 Transparent green 7″ vinyl in folded cover. Limited to 100 stamped and hand-numbered copies.
Limited Edition #2 – €26,99 Red 7″ vinyl in pocket sleeve. Limited to 100 stamped and hand-numbered copies.

Collector’s Edition – €59,99 Colored 7″ vinyl in a 10″ Santa Dog box. Limited to 200 stamped and hand-numbered copies.
Die Hard Edition – €99,99 What could this be? All we know is it’s limited to only 45 hand-numbered copies!

ONE of the collector’s edition boxes is stamped in a unique way, that would set it apart from all other editions. In the spirit of the season, the lucky boy or girl who gets that box will also get a special gift from Psychofon. Because while Santa Dog may have no presents…we do! Good Luck.


Santa Dog Forever silk-screened t-shirts, metal pins, and more! Arf!


santa dog '17


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Lolita Terrorist Sounds and Nick Cave Release Party 22 September in Berlin!

In anticipation of Reinhard Kleist’s Nick Cave – Mercy on Me graphic novel and the Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds art book (both from Carlsen Comics), there will be a big release party on 22 September in the Berlin venue SO36.

Nick Cave, mostly known for his prolific career as the leader of the Bad Seeds and Grinderman as well as a writer, actor and composer for film scores, is one of the most versatile artists of the last decades. He will be celebrating his 60th birthday on 22 September.

Reinhard Kleist’s Mercy on Me is described by the Cave himself as a “… biographical half-truth …completely bizarre journey into Cave world.”

Mercy on Me is Kleist’s most extensive and ambitious work. Parallel to the release of the graphic novel, an art book will be published which contains drawings, painted portraits, sketches and illustrated songs representing the Australian singer in various phases of his life and career.

The release party will be happening on 22 September in Berlin in the legendary SO36 club. On the same evening, Reinhard Kleist will be joining the music of Lolita Terrorist Sounds with a live drawing performance. The band, founded by the Italian-born musician Maurizio Vitale, will be performing with a special line-up, including a cast of international collaborators such as Roderick Miller (USA), Masaya Moussa KalamUllah (Japan) and Jonas Bovin (Sweden).

The band will be launching the limited-numbered vinyl Shaved Girl, coming out with special artwork by Reinhard Kleist and soon available on Psychofon Records.

The line-up of the party includes the critically acclaimed British musician Gemma Ray.

“Gemma Ray is one inspired music machine” – MOJO MAGAZINE

It will include performances and DJ acting from Steffi Gras, Vadda Cash and Max Dax.
Tickets are available via SO36, and you can check out the Facebook event page here

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Phantom Cosmonauts at L’Etrange Festival in Paris, France


Heads up! Ptôse & Palo Alto’s upcoming split LP will be available for sale at the merchandise stand at L’Etrange Festival in Paris, France. This music and cinema festival goes from the 6-17 September and features many amazing artists including Palo Alto (who attended in 2008), and even The Residents in 2015! If you are in the area, please go check it out.

If you are too far away don’t fret! You can still get ahold of Phantom Cosmonauts here at Psychofon Records.


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A Minor Hex: New Locust Fellow & Friends

locust fellow & friends - A minor hex

Mr. Locust Fellow returns with the missing pieces to a curse. A Minor Hex will befall us on 9 September.

Psychofon Records is proud to help Locust Fellow & Friends present “A Minor Hex”, the latest peek into the twisted world of the mysterious band of unearthly critters who seem have made their base camp somewhere in the outskirts of Georgia. Fans of their previous LP “Curse of The Baleful Caller” (also available on black vinyl) will revel in the glory of this CD, once again visually punctuated by Poxodd’s art.

Locust Fellow & Friends’ “A Minor Hex”….the ritual continues on 9 September. Want to hear more? Check out these two singles from the album! Interest sufficiently piqued? Click here to buy.

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Pre-Order Now!! Ptôse & Palo Alto present Phantom Cosmonauts

palo alto ptose phantom cosmonauts

Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin was the first man to survive human spaceflight. But there are claims that the Soviet Union attempted to launch two or more manned space flights before Gagarin, and that at least two cosmonauts died in the attempts…lost in space forever. The Judica-Cordiglia brothers are two Italian former amateur radio operators who made audio recordings that allegedly support the conspiracy theory that the Soviet space program covered up cosmonaut deaths in the 1960s. They claimed to have acquired recordings of several secret Soviet space missions that ended in tragedy and mystery.

Palo Alto and Ptôse bring you the haunting story of what the two brothers found. Comprised of new material from both bands, this split LP takes you on a journey that you may not come back from. Featuring Tuxedomoon’s Blaine Reininger on violin and art by the great Julien Pacaud.

Available for pre order NOW! Choose from our standard black edition (limited to 200 copies) or special splatter edition (100 copies). Both versions come with a digital download card and a large insert.

Album will be available for shipping late August/early September

Track List