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palo alto ptose phantom cosmonauts

Pre-Order Now!! Ptôse & Palo Alto present Phantom Cosmonauts

Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin was the first man to survive human spaceflight. But there are claims that the Soviet Union attempted to launch two or more manned space flights before Gagarin, and that at least two cosmonauts died in the attempts…lost in space forever. The Judica-Cordiglia brothers are two Italian former amateur radio operators who made audio recordings that allegedly support the conspiracy theory that the Soviet space program covered up cosmonaut deaths in the 1960s. They claimed to have acquired recordings of several secret Soviet space missions that ended in tragedy and mystery.

Palo Alto and Ptôse bring you the haunting story of what the two brothers found. Comprised of new material from both bands, this split LP takes you on a journey that you may not come back from. Featuring Tuxedomoon’s Blaine Reininger on violin and art by the great Julien Pacaud.

Available for pre order NOW! Choose from our standard black edition (limited to 200 copies) or special splatter edition (100 copies). Both versions come with a digital download card and a large insert.

Album will be available for shipping late August/early September

Track List


Dead Man's Underwear

Out June 17: Dead Man’s Underwear

June 17th marks the release of a brand new project from a brand new (yet somewhat familiar) band. Dead Man’s Underwear. Created by Atlanta-area mysterious being, Shitty Bedford and brought to life by Ostrich von Nipple, Sirius Bee and many more. One of the band members spoke out about Dead Man’s Underwear recently:

“Dead Mans Underwear began as an archaeological dig and ended as a botched tribute to electronic music of the 90’s. Some say it was Amelia Earhart’s plane, some say it was a moonshine distillery, others say it was a 20′ trailer home moved from Oklahoma to Georgia by a tornado. Was Amelia Earhart an amateur pornographer in Technicolor? Known by the neighbor folk as the blind diminutive trap for young fellas back there in the pulp-wood? The harpoon gun came later, and the soup thickened, so we consulted the Ensoniq SQ-2, heads adorned as once was the thigh of some whoever it was.

dead man underwearNo photos were taken. But we do have the prints. And out came a dazed and crippled man, associated only geographically, and then he too died, then what was once not funny, and had become funny (at least to a drunk), suddenly ceased to be funny as the underwear that had once wrapped our faces was joined in the mask box by pairs that held sincere memories close to us. So it came to feel Shitty that we made mockery of the death of an unknown possibly genderless aviator once one who was close but inconsequential to most kicked the bucket unceremoniously and quite tubed. Then shortly thereafter it was all hilarious again so the switch was flipped and the electrons scurried about and then there was a Dead Man’s Underwear CD.”

Dead Man’s Underwear is out June 17!


Out NOW: Bexa Lala – Hande Hoch! Here Comes the Wrath of People

The critically acclaimed Polish new wave band Bexa Lala was established in 1983. Before that, frontman Cezary Ostrowski led groups like Taz and Leo Patett, bands renowned for their rough and violent sound influenced by free jazz, electronica, and post-punk. Cezary Ostrowski has also played with Mikolaj Trzaska, Olga Jackowska, Marcin Swietlicki, Malgorzata Ostrowska and Piotr Bikont.

Hande Hoch! Here Comes The Wrath of People

Bexa Lala’s latest upcoming release (13 May) on Psychofon Records “Hande Hoch! Here Comes The Wrath of People” is a shining example of their work. This album has a very unique concept that blends music composed to a collection of Mexican religious art.

“I have a collection of retablo pictures. Retablo are Mexican paintings made by religious people to thank the Holy Mother for her help in dangerous events of their lives. This particular retablo is probably to thank the Holy Mother for help during a robbery. I came upon an idea that the help of the Holy Mother and the calmness she brings may be needed as an antidote for the wrath of people.. because most of the misfortunes and crimes are the result of the wrath of people.

At the same time, the wrath of people may be a positive factor toward changing the world for the better (uprisings, revolutions).. this does not mean that the wrath of people is a guarantee of a good change.

So “Hande Hoch – here comes the wrath of people” means that I expect some change to come, but I am not quite sure about the result of the change.

There are religious and political symbols on the cover because I am quite sure that both religion and politics will be the main “actors” in the nearest future. Some people may suffer, some people may gain, but who will really gain and who will really suffer, we will learn after the dust comes down.”

The Residents

Rushing Like a Banshee Glow in the Dark in stock, New Ghost of Hope pressing on RED Splatter!

The Residents - Rushing Like a Banshee GlowHeads up! The Residents’ Rushing like a Banshee 7″ is now available on glow-in-the-dark vinyl! This is our final edition of this wonderful single. Only 100 copies in circulation. Complete your collection! This version comes in a clear 7″ sleeve with a hard plastic card insert featuring the album art.

DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND: The Residents’ latest smash hit album “The Ghost of Hope” flew off of our shelves so fast that a second pressing had to be made so everyone can enjoy this masterpiece on vinyl. This time we offer you The Ghost of Hope on red splatter vinyl! Also limited to only 100 copies so act while supplies last! This version does not come with the limited postcards, however there are still a small handful of White Splatter vinyl left that do!

The Residents - Rushing like a Banshee red Splatter

DDAA dada est mort

New DDAA 7″ ‘Dada est Mort’ now available!

We’re really excited about this one, a very special double 7″ from Deficit Des Annees Anterieures (DDAA), entitled Dada est mort. Available now!

This just in….DADA IS DEAD. This EP is a display of harshly beautiful rhythmic convergence. Displaying observationally precise commentary while at the same time treading the sea of the obscure..The legendary French avant-garde group DDAA present DADA EST MORT. This is somewhere around their 50th release since about 1979 (150+ if you count all of their appearances with other artists).

Dada est Mort is available in two versions–The Collector’s edition is on a pair of 7″ fluorescent yellow vinyl and is limited to 50 copies. The regular edition is on two 7″ black vinyl. Both come in a 4-way gatefold. Click here to buy!

Track List:
1. Parasite 1
2. Dada est mort
3. opération Sentinelle
4. Keuch
5. Parasite 2
6. Funerailles Dada

DDAA dada est mort
DDAA dada est mort
DDAA dada est mort
DDAA dada est mort
DDAA dada est mort


Limited copies are still available of DDAA’s 2015 release Defragmentation Des Pierres Qui Chauffent. Click here for more info.

The Residents’ Ghost of Hope details revealed!

The time has come to reveal more info about how we will be releasing The Residents’ latest album The Ghost of Hope (Now available!)

The “Die-Hard Lenticular Set” includes the following: 2x one-sided clear/red split vinyl with clear front-and-back cover foil sheets, held in a folded double 12″ clear pic disc cover. The vinyl feature lenticular “Flip Flop” labels on both B-sides of the records. And that is not all…The lenticular set comes with the special Ghost of Hope Bonus Package, which includes a very large 25x25cm (10″) 3D-animated lenticular stickerplate with the cover art from the Ghost of Hope…PLUS a one sided Glow-in-the-Dark 7″ vinyl with ‘Train vs Elephant’ as a Bonus Track. The Die-Hard package will be priced at €99,99 and is strictly limited to 100 numbered copies.

The Collector’s Edition is a 3 color splatter vinyl with red black and grey over white, held in a red innersleeve and hand-numbered. The Collector’s Edition also comes with a 6 postcard set! Limited to 200 copies and priced at €34,99.

Our standard black vinyl edition will be distributed by MVD and Cherry Red for those who just want The Ghost of Hope on vinyl. Much more info and a full breakdown on the music coming soon, so stay tuned!


The Ghost of Hope draws near

Many of you are certainly wondering what Psychofon has to do with the new Residents LP “The Ghost of Hope” since MVD and Cherry Red also announced the new album. To clear things up, Psychofon Records is producing all of the vinyl versions here in Germany. Our standard black vinyl version of the album will be distributed via MVD and Cherry Red. The limited “Collectors” and “Die Hard” editions will only available via Psychofon Records. More information about our special editions is coming very soon, so don’t miss out…stay tuned…


ghost of hope

The Residents – The Ghost of Hope: Out 24 March!

Release date confirmed! The Ghost of Hope will be out on the 24th of March on vinyl at Psychofon Records (more details forthcoming).

Following their long tradition of projects based on narrative themes, The Residents are pleased to announce the release of The Ghost of Hope, an historically accurate album based on train wrecks. Pursuing this theme in both a literal and metaphorical sense, the group discovered a series of vintage news articles highlighting the dangers of train travel in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Inspired by the era’s elegant language, the group then contrasted that eloquence against the sheer horror of these devastating events, resulting in an album that sounds both startlingly new and curiously nostalgic. Using the familiar elements of music, spoken voice, sound effects and audio textures, The Residents have constructed a highly original series of tone poems quite unlike the music of anyone else – except, of course, The Residents. The album features guest collaborator Eric Drew Feldman – who has worked with everybody cool, so he’s already in your record collection.

LP Track Listing
1. Horrors of the Night
2. The Crash at Crush
3. Death Harvest
4. Shroud of Flames
5. The Great Circus Train Wreck of 1918
6. Killed at a Crossing


Coming to Psychofon in 2017: The Residents, DDAA, Bexa LaLa

We have a lot in store for 2017, and here’s a look at just some of what is coming:

The Residents – The Ghost of Hope

Coming early 2017 to Psychofon Records on vinyl! More info to follow shortly. Following their long tradition of projects based on narrative themes, The Residents are pleased to announce the release of The Ghost of Hope, an historically accurate album based on train wrecks. Pursuing this theme in both a literal and metaphorical sense, the group discovered a series of vintage news articles highlighting the dangers of train travel in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Inspired by the era’s elegant language, the group then contrasted that eloquence against the sheer horror of these devastating events, resulting in an album that sounds both startlingly new and curiously nostalgic. Using the familiar elements of music, spoken voice, sound effects and audio textures, The Residents have constructed a highly original series of tone poems quite unlike the music of anyone else – except, of course, The Residents. (excerpt from MVD)

DDAA (Déficit Des Années Antérieures) – Dada est Mort

The latest installment from French avant-garde heroes Déficit Des Années Antérieures (DDAA). If you haven’t already heard DDAA, we highly recommend you do. More info coming soon..

Bexa Lala – Hande Hoch! Here Comes The Wrath of People

We are proud to bring you the critically acclaimed new wave legends Bexa Lala! Incredibly diverse. A subtle touch of modern urban electronic folk here, ambient and classic there, strong roots in new wave and maintaining a sense of humor. Creative Commons friendly. Based in Poznan, Poland since 1981. Constantly searching for new means of expression. Cult, but still kicking! The latest album Hande Hoch! Here Comes The Wrath of People is coming in early 2017. Also, more info will be coming soon..


Ostrich von Nipple Qualifies Absurdity

Out NOW! Ostrich von Nipple presents the exciting conclusion to the Absurdity series with Ostrich von Nipple Qualifies Absurdity! With six new tracks forming a new view of the absurd, Ostrich goes further than ever before to deliver you this latest masterpiece. Exploring uncharted territory with lots of new sounds and concepts and featuring guest guitarists r0b0t, Steve Moss and Nolan Cook.

Ostrich von Nipple Qualifies Absurdity
Ostrich von Nipple Qualifies Absurdity
Ostrich von Nipple Qualifies Absurdity

The regular version is a 3″ CD which comes in a mini DVD case and includes a real ostrich feather! The collector’s Idiot Box is a miniature “Master Vision” television set that displays 8 slides for you to view along with the 3″ CD EP which is hosted inside a mini jewel case. The slides are inspired by the songs and reveal their titles, as well as opening closing slides. Both versions of Ostrich von Nipple Qualifies Absurdity are hand-numbered and limited.

You can check out soundclips and purchase the EP here.


October 15: The Debut of Bretts Milk!

A new artist is here: Bretts Milk, with a sick debut entitled Daddy’s Breath.


Psychofon Headquarters is bustling with activity, getting ready to release multiple titles at once here, and this one is sure to be a real treat. Lots of great guests popping their heads up in this one, including Nolan Cook and our own Ostrich von Nipple! This CD will come in a fully decked-out digipak and is limited to 200 copies. Release info and more photos will be following shortly, so stay tuned. And as always…Buy or Cry!!

Bretts Milk
Bretts Milk is a musical mad scientist, bringing together disparate elements to create monster masterpieces. His latest concoction, Daddy’s Breath, is a perfect example of how his eclectic tastes manifest into records that singe and satisfy the discriminating listener.

Living in Asheville NC (USA), Bretts Milk has worked within myriad music genres for over 20 years, from electronic down-beat to experimental noise to glam rock, and has crossed paths with the likes of Mark Mothersbaugh (Devo), Adrian Belew (King Crimson, Talking Heads, Frank Zappa) and Claude Coleman Jr. (Ween).

But Bretts Milk’s latest work on Psychofon Records is his pride and joy; the culmination of his unconventional musical experience and features none other than Psychofon Records artist Ostrich Von Nipple. Mix in some guitar work by the brilliant Nolan Cook and you have a recipe for a sonic soundscape that will grab your attention and leave you wanting more.


Coming Soon Rushing Like A Banshee

Coming Soon! The Residents’ Rushing Like A Banshee

Some of you internet super-sleuths have uncovered this info on their own via a product listing from MVD, so I guess it is time to announce it–Psychofon Records is hard at work producing Rushing Like a Banshee: a new EP from The Residents.

It will contain two tracks from their upcoming album “The Ghost of Hope”. The album (and the EP) features guest collaborator Eric Drew Feldman!

Two tracks from the album, “Rushing Like a Banshee” and “Train vs. Elephant” are being pressed onto a limited 7″ vinyl, in our usual rigmarole of editions. We hope that the EP will be released around November. We want to ensure enough people can get a unique piece of art, hence the multiple variations. Of course, the career collectors are gonna want to buy them all (or die/cry) but that cannot be helped.

Rushing Like A Banshee

Here’s a first look at what our editions will be all about.

The regular black Vinyl, comes in a thick cardboard cover. It is different​ ​from the MVD Version that will be released a bit later. You will see one released on clear/black/white vinyl in a special Psychofon Package. Another one on grey/silver vinyl in the usual Psychofon sleeve.

The really special one is what our in-house artist and product designer calls the “Multiple Record Objet d’art”, but I call it “The Best One”. We cannot wait to show you pictures of this piece. The 7″ red vinyl comes in a special 12″ box-set. This is a true piece of art that any Residents fan will surely want.

Sound clips, an in-depth review of the music and purchase info will be coming soon so be sure to stay informed and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!


Rave Reviews for Curse of The Baleful Caller

Some generous words were spoken by the people who got the first listen of Locust Fellow & Friends’ debut LP “Curse of The Baleful Caller”.

A few bloggers around the interwebs were given advance copies of the album so they could give their opinions. The reactions were favorable.

Andrew Holmes from Ho7mes Tech & Tunes said..

I listened to the album several times using both headphones and speakers, and I see it as more of a headphone album. It has a well-defined sound as a grand psychedelic soundscape. I’d easily recommend this album to fans of groups like Coil and The Residents (especially if you like their post-2000 output).

Our old friends at United Mutations also had a few listens and had this to say:

This is music from the other side of the fence. “Curse Of The Baleful Caller” sounds like what the album cover looks like. Outsider art translated into music.
I love it.

Curse of The Baleful Caller is out now in Splatter and audiophile-black vinyl! Pick up your copy today, our stock is dwindling!


Coming Soon: Curse of The Baleful Caller

Locust Fellow & Friends’ debut LP Curse of The Baleful Caller is on its way soon.

Yes, the long wait is finally over and all of those pictures and snippets that you have been seeing online are finally going to start making sense. Curse of The Baleful Caller will be available September 15th, so mark your calendar! There will be no pre-order. Available in Black and special collector’s edition Splatter vinyl.

With the help of his friends, The Goons of Waxing Gibbous and Ostrich von Nipple, Mr. Locust Fellow has put together a sonically explosive debut album and musical ensemble!

Locust Fellow & Friends’ “Curse of The Baleful Caller”, is based on a simple but daunting concept. The music is composed to the album’s art, which has been created specifically for this project by the artist known as Poxodd. In other words; the art creates the music, the music paints the art, and together they tell a story. At times the music is light and free. Other times it is dark and direct. Ultimately, it is a collection of high-concept psychedelia, other-worldly trances, insect cooking instructions, barkers from beyond and modern tribal ritual music. With this concept of painting music to composed art, we give you Locust Fellow & Friends, and their steadily unpredictable sci-fi epic. Follow us on Twitter for more info…and drop us a line! We would love to hear from you.

The swarm is coming, will you be ready?

Bigfoot Beware Is Back In Stock

Bigfoot Beware Back In Stock June 15th!

Bigfoot Beware back in stock again, second pressing. Collector’s editions are gone for good but you can still get your hands on a copy if you missed out on a chance to hear the music!

The first run of all editions of Bigfoot Beware and For Maurice are completely sold out! Thank you all so much for your support of Randy Rose’s very first single.

Bigfoot Beware Back In Stock

Bigfoot Beware Sunset Edition on orange vinyl.

If you are a fan of any of Randy’s or The Eyeballed Ones’ previous work, it’s a no-brainer. The whole thing delivers. Bigfoot Beware is a perfect tie-in to the ongoing Randyland web-series, in which it has more recently meandered towards a hunt for the elusive three-toed bigfoot. Turns out the bastard killed Randy’s family dog Sniffy, way back when he was a youngster. The long-dormant urge for vengeance is finally emerging. As if the scars of that loss weren’t enough, Randy’s pet cat Maurice recently passed away. It is for this reason that he created the B-Side to this single, “For Maurice”, his solemn eulogy. Let us never forget the furry friends who keep us company through every moment of our journey through life. They are, perhaps, the only true source of unconditional love.

Bigfoot Beware Back In Stock

Bigfoot Beware Mini CD Collector’s Edition

Due to popular demand, we will be releasing a second edition. Even though our products are all limited, we want to make sure everyone gets a chance to get a record and hear the music, which is the most important part of this venture. However, we will never release the Green, Red, Clear or Pink vinyl versions again. But, do not fret! The first 100 copies of the second edition will be on sunset-orange vinyl. This will be the LAST of the Bigfoot Beware/For Maurice singles released on colored vinyl. The regular black vinyl “Night” edition will remain for sale via Psychofon Records and future select retailers. Your last chance to buy..or cry!

But that’s not all…

Bigfoot Beware Back in Stock

A Suction Cup Button. Because why not?

Your wish is our command. Due to the sheer amount of requests for a digital audio version, we have decided to release Bigfoot Beware/For Maurice on 3″ CD! We will offer a collector’s package and a normal edition for those of you who just want the CD. The collector’s edition will come in a mini camouflage bag with the CD in a mini sleeve with a mini postcard and a mini Bigfoot button. Let the Mini-mania ensue! We are really keen on bringing out releases in unique formats, and when the requests for a digital version were pouring in, we wanted to respond with something out of the norm, something different fro ma regular CD. And why waste the 2 extra inches of optical grade plastic for a single? Practical and adorable. And just look at that postcard. It’s so tiny! It’s about 1/8th the size of the regular Bigfoot Beware postcards that came with the other special editions.

Bigfoot Beware Back In Stock

Bigfoot Beware T-Shirt, Second Printing

Since the shirts sold out way too fast and people are still asking for ones in their size, there is another run of “Expedishun” logo T-shirts on the way, this time with a white silkscreen on black fabric. And last but not least, a new square button for you pin collectors. This one is a bit different though…you can’t put it on your shirt! The button features the Bigfoot Beware cover art and the back is fitted with a suction cup! Weird!

June 15th is your chance to jump on these offers. If you missed out on the original run, this is your best chance to hear Randy Rose of The Residents at his latest and best.

bigfoot beware ep for maurice ep

Bigfoot Beware update

Bigfoot Beware Update: Sold Out!

Bigfoot Beware update: We are happy to announce that the entire run of Randy Rose’s Bigfoot Beware/For Maurice is totally sold out!

While we may see future runs for those of you who did not get a chance to hear Randy’s call-out to Bigfoot and tribute to his pal Maurice, These special editions will never be pressed again.

We have some great news! Our super-elusive “For Maurice” one-sided pink vinyl are really, finally, no joke, READY! We are very pleased to announce that this laser-etched beauty is finally finished. To all of our lovely customers who Pre-Ordered or purchased, we hereby announce that we will ship out ALL of your full orders on Monday! Sorry again for the delay. We got there in the end.

bigfoot beware update

To all of our Psychofon customers and friends, we cannot thank you enough for your support and for making Bigfoot Beware/For Maurice a total success! You are the best!

something limited

Something Limited This Way Comes

Can’t say much at this point, but there’s something limited on the horizon. And this is just one of the many new things we have planned this year at Psychofon Records!

For more information and the latest updates on what we are up to this year, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter!

something limited


Bigfoot Beware and For Maurice, A Closer Look

Are you ready for Randy’s latest singles, Bigfoot Beware and For Maurice??? Now that the single is available, it’s time to get some insight on just what the music is all about, and show you some revealing photos of the productions..and even hear some exclusive audio!

“Bigfoot…I hate your guts…”


‘Bigfoot Beware’ tells the story of an 18 year old Randy and the tragic events that took place almost 50 years ago and led him to finally take the plunge and hunt down the bastard himself! That’s right. Randy has embarked upon a quest to hunt and kill the rare and elusive Three-Toed Bigfoot, and while his crack team of experts didn’t show up as expected, he and his good buddy Schooner have hit the supposedly-haunted forests of the Cobb Estate in Altadena CA, where the “Expedishun” begins. Continue Reading →

Psychofon Records presents Randy Rose Bigfoot Beware / For Maurice

Randy Rose – “Bigfoot Beware/For Maurice” is NOW AVAILABLE!

We are extremely proud and excited to announce that Randy Rose (singer for The Residents) and The Cryptic Corporation has teamed up with Psychofon Records to bring you a brand new single, “BIGFOOT BEWARE / FOR MAURICE”!

If you are a fan of The Residents you may have been following “Randyland“–the ongoing web series filmed by Don Hardy (Award-Winning Filmmaker, Theory of Obscurity: A Film about The Residents which premiered at SXSW). In recent months, Randy has embarked upon a quest to hunt and kill the ever-elusive Three-Toed Bigfoot! Randy and his good buddy Scooner have hit the supposedly-haunted forests of the Cobb Estate in Altadena CA, where the Expedishun begins…BIGFOOT BEWARE!!
Lost in the woods? You can catch up on the Randyland series and follow the hunt on Youtube and Vimeo. It’s definitely worth watching the whole series, but the real bigfoot chase seems to take form starting with episode 32…check it out:


Click Here to buy!!

Ostrich von Nipple - Swarm Suite/So Do They

Ostrich von Nipple Picture Vinyl Package out NOW!

The latest release by Ostrich von Nipple is finally available on Psychofon Records! Click here to buy! Swarm Suite/So Do They is a pair of suites that compliment and extend upon the ideas and themes upon his previous album Ostrich von Nipple Quantifies Absurdity. The artwork is designed by Poxodd, and and these pieces were conceived specifically to be spun.

The art for each side was inspired by previous collaborations between Pox’ and Ostrich. Have a look/listen:


This 10″ also comes with a CD version in a full-color sleeve, one of two “mirror buttons” and a full-color info card. Hand-numbered and limited to 100 copies.

New Psychofon Records release - PR-005

Coming soon…PR-005

Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming release, code-named “PR-005”.

A very special Psychofon Records production is on its way, brought to you by an even more special artist. We suspect PR-005 will be gone just as quick as it arrives. You will NOT want to miss out on this one. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, welcome to the new Psychofon Records! We’ve completely renovated the place, and made a much more fluid experience for you. Now you can conveniently shop and browse our product archive and keep up on the latest PR news & updates. Our homepage is now the definitive source for information about Psychofon Records and its artists’ releases.

Have you connected with us on Facebook yet? We would love to hear from you. Connecting with us on our social accounts will grant you access to the quickest updates to our catalog and first-looks at all of our products and productions. Be on the cutting edge of Psychofon knowledge!

2015-04-18 10.54.32 Kopie

Mind-Altering Music – Stevo in Yr Stereo

Ostrich von Nipple will be featured on the radio on May 9th during the Mind-Altering Music show!

You can tune in at SIYS Radio. During the feature we will hear selections from Ostrich von Nipple Plays Some Shitty tunes, Quantifies Absurdity, and “Oh, Fearsome! Nipple?” Ostrich and his bandmates will be in the chatroom!

Mind-Altering Music


The New Ostrich von Nipple Adventure

In early 2013, OVN joined the rest of The Goons of Waxing-Gibbous to perform music for a live underground theater piece called “OH! FEARSOME! HEAD!”. The show ran for four nights, with one night dedicated to filming by Director and long-time friend, S. Bedford. OVN took this opportunity to capture some (very amateur and spontaneous) video clips containing “behind the scenes” footage. This video footage, along with several pictures, was used to create a short film to remember the occasion. Thus, a side project was born. It seemed appropriate to score this mini-film using newly recorded material inspired by the by show, as well as rehearsal recordings from The Goons of Waxing-Gibbous. The score was then changed to facilitate an audio only experience by removing the live rehearsal sections and replacing them with other new and re-imagined material. This project became known as “Oh, Fearsome! Nipple?”. With links to OVN’s musical past and future, “Oh, Fearsome! Nipple?” is the perfect place to continue or begin your musical adventure. We hope you enjoy this 14 minute sort-of-soundtrack. For those craving something a big longer, sit tight!

The mighty web lets us take a peek at some pictures from the “Oh, Fearsome! Head!” performance.

Itching to hear more? Check out “Oh, Fearsome! Nipple?”

Eyeball Museum

Charles Bobuck Visits The Eyeball Museum

Charles Bobuck

“While in Germany I decided to check out the Eyeball Museum. It is the best displayed and perhaps the largest collection of Residents garbage I have seen. Not that I have seen that much.” ~ Charles Bobuck

Found here are three floors of meticulously catalogued and displayed stuff that I thought I would never have to see again. I understand it is only part of the collection too. He doesn’t have enough room to display it all.

A few things were fakes, that is to say, not actual Residents items. With The Residents that is to be expected.

Eventually I was asked if I wanted to see the Charles Bobuck room. I was not so certain but agreed. We went to the bottom of the stairs where a small door was partially concealed. I was told it was a work in progress and not generally open to the public.

The room was small and mostly dark with items lit as you might expect in a museum. The first wall was mostly just a picture of me as a child of 6 or 7 siting at my piano. Next to the photograph was what appeared to be the piano. I was quickly informed this was a different piano, not the one in the photo but of the same year and model.

The next wall was a photograph I had never seen. It was of two teenagers who did look vaguely familiar. My host, Andreas, said it was from my first date. Apparently Merry, the pretty girl teenager had saved the photo in a scrapbook all these years. Next to the photo was a plastic case containing a brown blob. Supposedly the corsage I had given her. She had saved it too, pressed flat in her sentimental book. I looked closely at the photo and she was wearing a corsage but it did not look like this disturbing blob.

I knew immediately what was on the next wall. Wall 3 had blow-up stills from a JO film I had done in my early San Francisco hippie days. The box the film came in occupied a case next to them. I thought to myself that I was kinda hot.

As I turned to the final wall I was surprised that it was blank. He said that the exhibit was not complete so not yet installed. I asked what it would be. He said that he had made an arrangement with Roman to purchase my ashes and the urn would be the central attraction with an assortment of tasteful clippings of how I had succumbed to whatever I would succumb to.

Then I woke up. I had dreamed the whole thing. Well, not the whole thing. The Eyeball Museum is absolutely real and absolutely worth checking out.

Ostrich von Nipple Plays some Shitty Tunes Promo Package Banner

OVN Plays Some Shitty Tunes Promo Bags…Gone!

The promotional Radio/Press packages for our debut release “Ostrich von Nipple Plays Some Shitty Tunes” have all flown out the door into the eager hands of their recipients. We wish you all many years of happy listening!

Media outlets, radio stations, and various journalists were shocked one morning to find these packages waiting on their desks. The packages contained an OVN Frisbee containing a promo-version of “Ostrich von Nipple Plays Some Shitty Tunes”, a Press Packet and a hand-made graffiti board featuring the image of “Ron” (no two are alike!), all snuggled inside an orange tote bag decorated with OVN and Psychofon decals.


Ostrich von Nipple Plays Some Shitty Tunes

Ostrich von Nipple Plays Some Shitty Tunes out now!

It’s finally here: “Ostrich von Nipple Plays Some Shitty Tunes”, based on the mysterious abstract compositions from the world of Georgia-based artist Shitty Bedford.

Are you ready for the ride of your life? Then prepare for a cosmic journey through the futuristic mutated soundscapes of Ostrich von Nipple. Totally unearthly..not to mention gross & nasty. Find out what critics are calling “Alice in Wonderland meets industrial aliens from outer space”.


This CD EP features collaborations with the incredible Nolan Cook (Dimesland, The Residents) and The Hatchling (Red Sound), and is packaged in a special 6-track picture CD with a 3D animated flip-flop card inside a super-deluxe king size clear plastic DVD case! Strictly limited to 300 copies, stamped and hand-numbered.

A must-have for fands of The Residents, Snakefinger and Renaldo & The Loaf

To celebrate the release of the new EP, Roscoe Chapp has created a new video for “Footprints”.

ostrich von nipple

Ostrich von Nipple Reviews Say It All About His Previous Albums

After reading page upon page of positive Ostrich von Nipple reviews, we here at Psychofon could not be more happy to have him on our humble label!

“Ostrich von Nipple creates vivid imagery in your mind like few other artists can or do.” 5 out of 5 stars

“[Ostrich von Nipple’s] music reminds me of a fractured and dark Alice in Wonderland-inspired journey , or possibly what plays in one’s head while under the influence of anesthesia.” 5 out of 5 stars

“Excellent compositions and unexpected turns leave me wanting more. Time to turn more folks onto it.” 5 out of 5 stars

The critics don’t lie! If your curiosity is piqued, we strongly suggest you take a listen to some of OVN’s work. Take a look at the videos below, or head on over to for extra information, music, clips and more.

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Psychofon Records – Music you can Hold.

That’s right, music you can hold. We think its time for a new label on our wobbling planet. A record label that is concerned with actual records and unique packaging designs. Psychofon Records stands for innovative products, strictly limited and hand-numbered collector’s editions, handmade artwork, 3D animation products and much much more…

Psychofon Records creates extraordinary packaging that treats your music like ART. Throw away the age-old concept of clear plastic ‘jewel’ cases that all look the same. Embrace Absurdity.