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Psychofon Records will be on Holiday from 21-31 December!

Seasons Greetings, one and all! This is the time of year for celebration and here at Psychofon Records Headquarters we are gearing up for a holiday! We will be on vacation from 21 December – 31 December. As a result, all orders placed during that time will be shipped on 1 January 2019. All standing orders will be shipped on or before 20 December.

Thank you for another fantastic year!

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Labelmates collide! UFO Hawaii drops a free remix of “Bon Bon” from the upcoming BeNe GeSSeRiT LP!

Bon Bon (UFO Hawaii Remix) - BeNe GeSSeRiT

UFO Hawaii remixed a track from BeNeFiT in celebration of the LP release! They’ve also released an intensely good album earlier in 2018 by the name of Telekrümmer. Check out UFO Hawaii’s remix of BeNe GeSSeRiT’s Bon Bon! You can stream the track right now, or download it here. BeNe GeSSeRiT’s new LP BeNeFiT is out 20 December! Don’t miss out!

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Available now: New releases from The Residents, Schwump and Bretts Milk

The Residents’ new album Intruders is officially out today and so are a few other great releases: The first re-release of Aphids in the Hall from Schwump and a brand new album from Bretts Milk, featuring Nolan Cook.

First off, our limited edition vinyl of The Residents’ Intruders are available. There are even a few Die Hard editions left after the pre orders, so be sure to grab one while supplies last. We released three versions, you can choose from Yellow or 3 color Neon speckled or Glow in the Dark/Blacklight spotted vinyl. Each comes with its own unique packaging and artwork, photos and more. The first 100 orders of the Yellow OR Neon vinyl will receive a special Intruders promo sticker. Also available is and exclusive single The Intruder. This limited edition 7″ features the tracks “The Intruder” b/w “Voodoo Doll” (demo version), both exclusive to this record, not available anywhere else. The limited edition violet vinyl is already sold out, but copies in standard black vinyl are still stock.

Back in the day, The Residents invited a man called Schwump recorded a 7″ demo called Aphids in the Hall, with The Residents performing the backing instrumentation. In the end, a very limited 200 copies were pressed but they were never officially released. The Cryptic Corporation and Psychofon Records have dusted off the original master tapes of this all-but-lost gem of a recording. Remastered by Master & Servant in Hamburg, Aphids in the Hall is now available! You can choose from the standard black vinyl, or our limited clear or red vinyl editions.

A brand new album is here from Bretts Milk! The first new release since 2016’s Daddy’s Breath, the new album Mammaries of Mommy is brimming with bizarre soundscapes and is brilliantly punctuated and rounded out by the unmistakable tone of Nolan Cook on guitar (The Residents, Dimesland). A perfect addition to the catalog of Psychofon Records, and also your collection. Available on CD in a 7″ foldout sleeve. Don’t miss out!

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Release Radar: Presales beginning for The Residents ‘Intruders’, Bretts Milk ‘Mammaries of Mommy’ and more.

Presales begin on 30 September for the following new and nifty Psychofon Records releases:

The Residents - Intruders
Bretts Milk - Mammaries of Mommy
The Residents - The Intruder 7"

The release date for all three of these is scheduled for 19 October 2018. Save the date!

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New Residents, Schwump, Bretts Milk and more!

PR019 Schwump – Aphids in the Hall 7″

That’s right folks. Schwump’s famous single Aphids in the Hall (b/w You’re a Martian/Home) is coming out somewhere in August. Even if you’re tall, they’re gonna get you anyway.

This one comes in 3 editions, Clear vinyl (limited to 100 copies) with foldout cover, Red vinyl (also 100 copies) with special sleeve, and the standard black edition which comes in a thick cardboard sleeve.



Bretts Milk - Mammaries of MommyPR020 Bretts Milk – Mammaries of Mommy CD

There is a brand new Bretts Milk album coming very soon and this is a special one. Featuring Nolan Cook (The Residents, Dimesland), you can hear a whole new adventure to await you on the second album from this eclectic gathering of musicians.

To be released in a special cover, limited to about 150 copies. Expected in September.



The Residents - Intruders
PR021 The Residents – Intruders
The Residents are pleased to report that their new album is completed and now being prepared for release. ETA is somewhere around October, but stay tuned for more details! Also coming at the same time will be a special 7″ (PR021.1). Exciting!


Also coming to Psychofon some time in November:

PR022 Bene Gesserit – Benefit

A special project from Bene Gesserit. An LP issuing of their rare cassette release “Benefit”. Limited to 300 Fluorescent Orange vinyl. More info coming soon over at our website/shop so be sure to check often!

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Mariola Brillowska & Felix Kubin “Morgenröte” now available!

Get ready for this one, the first in our new series titled “Forgotten Pearls”…

Things are looking quite grim for the future of creation. In the 71st century, sex is practiced only by machine. Males are a dying species. The few surviving specimens serve as pure-blooded sperm donors. If they refuse, they are castrated. Violence is en Vogue. Electronic surveillance insects spout sadistic slogans from the Marquis de Sade.

Hamburg-based artists Mariola Brillowska and Felix Kubin have created a gloomy vision of a complex anti-utopian world.

Sarcastically they comment on the Western world: Consumption with interpersonal coldness, the glorification of violence and the transfiguration of rationale. Mankind, they suggest, has not learned much since the upright walk, and our laboriously developed moral values have not prevented us from waging wars and devastating the earth. All signs are pointing towards some final catastrophe.

The survivors vegetate on the synthetic “Planetoid Nietzsche” in a fascist matriarchy. At the head of the totalitarian regime is the x-cloned Nobel laureate Madame Curie. The sciences dominate nature, and humanistic values of the 20th century have become obsolete. Emotions and physical touch are considered taboo.

Everything depends on the outcome of the hopeless actions of some dispersed terrorists in the seventy-first century. By kidnapping the president, they hope to bring down the totalitarian regime and break the chains of sterility. However, their tracks are being followed with deadly instinct by the unscrupulous Madame Curie devotees Linda and Lorna.

Mörgenröte is a short episode from the bizarre world of the two comic book heroines, Linda and Lorna. Shaped by Mariola Brillowska’s distinctive drawing style, an iridescent flicker stretches throughout the film, bringing all objects to pulsating life. Together with Felix Kubin’s experimental setting, a fruitful symbiosis has been created.

Aus Gold modelliert die Nacht (B side) is previously unpublished and is part of the unfinished fragmentary story of Linda and Lorna.

Standard edition is pressed on turquoise vinyl, 100 hand-numbered copies. The collector’s edition is pressed on blue vinyl, limited to 50 hand-numbered copies. Both come packaged in a special large-sized package (20.5 x 43cm!) and include a special promo comic book, a companion to Morgenröte! You can see more here.

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Ostrich von Nipple invades the digital world

Ostrich von Nipple

Digital editions of some selections from Ostrich von Nipple’s acclaimed Psychofon Records releases are now available for download! You can get Ostrich von Nipple Plays Some Shitty Tunes, Oh, Fearsome! Nipple?, and Ostrich von Nipple Quantifies Absurdity..fill out your digital archive with our files encoded direct from the masters to high quality 320kbps CBR MP3 format and LOSSLESS FLAC AUDIO for one low price! These albums, when purchased, will always be available for re-download via your user control panel.

There are still some physical copies of these albums available, although they are low in stock! Very soon we will also drop digital editions from Bexa Lala, Bretts Milk, and even some more rare (sold out) Ostrich von Nipple material! For those of you who missed out on the Clowns Change/Somewhere In Between 7″, this might become available for you in the near future….keep your eyes and ears peeled.

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UFO Hawaii’s “Tele-Krümmer” out today, and a free remix too!

UFO Hawaii’s Tele-Krümmer LP is out today, and to celebrate we are giving away a remix of the track “Gabel” for free!

You can download the track here. Only available for a limited time!

This record is a world first. A device that none had yet dared execute. An outrageous synesthetic gambit. And simultaneously an homage to endearing absurdities. It’s a truism that music creates images in one’s head, but here the truism is turned on its own head: the image of a „Landschaftstelefon“ (“Landscape-Telephone”) creates music!

Achim Treu, alias UFO Hawaii, bestows a sonorous “repertoire expansion” to the term, „image composition“. And it’s little wonder – since he works as a film composer, among other things. In the physical as well in the virtual act of drifting along, Treu is a collector of the sorts of artifacts that proudly display their own oddness. And so it came to pass that he found a strange picture titled “Tele-Krümmer” at a flea market one day. A picture which seemed to have fallen from its own world into ours, with the intention of finding a new identity here. And thus the visual came to become vinyl.

The radiance of the “Tele-Krümmer” picture already fascinates on its own. But often discoveries like this one are reluctant to communicate properly. They suggest many interpretations, while their real stories remain murmured in secrecy. Is this the patent application of someone mentally disturbed? Or a page ripped from an old schoolbook in a parallel universe? Whatever the case, Treu has engaged in a “phonolysis” of said picture: He’s examined the murmurs of the seven elements that make up the “Landschaftstelefon” regarding their stereophonic properties. This creative endeavor has infused all of its inspiring force into the bizarre sound aesthetic of odd chamber music, dances, rituals, control circuits, energy flows (most likely magnetic) beyond all norms. Something mystical has been set into motion.

ufo hawaii tele-krummer

The listener will travel and marvel, and find that an exploration of the unknown is capable of exposing the beauty that lies in detail.

On this album, seven elements unfold their magical exotica of surrealistic folklore nestled somewhere between narcotoxicant noise and dada-processing (namely Big Dada). In the end, the Tele-Krümmer story dissolves in a wonderful, well-heated drama, which now addresses the beauty of consternation. If only because this great record ends after only 34 minutes.

How should one categorize this work stylistically? Perhaps so: If one day a collector of found objects should find a copy of this exclusive vinyl at a futuristic swap meet, he or she might suspect that it could be the single-ever vinyl release by a certain Max Ernst; or perhaps Hieronymus Siemens. It seems then only logical that the musical portrait of a „Landscape-Telephone“ should be released on Psychofon Records; as a limited connisseur edition, by the way. The album is mastered by PYROLATOR.

Personal details concerning the producer: Achim Treu/UFO Hawaii has released material under the aliases Künstler Treu and Dauerfisch, as well as Fluffy Target (with Richard Cameron) and collaborated with synthesizer pioneer Jon Appleton.

He was member and producer of the neo-dada trio Der Plan, guitarist in Berlin’s darling band Mutter, and played in Alec Empire’s live lineup. He’s cancelled his radio show „The U.F.O. Hawaii Radio Show“ on, after 100 episodes, for the time being anyway.