UFO Hawaii

Achim TreuAchim “Künstler” Treu’s (aka UFO Hawaii) official biography starts somewhere in the mid-nineties, when, after some less than pleasing encounters with major labels, he found a friendly haven at the hip Berlin independent label Bungalow. From here, he was able to rev up operations within the duo project Dauerfisch until its untimely demise at the turn of the century.

This phase was followed by various releases under the moniker Künstler Treu on the well respected Cologne-based electronic label Eleganz (including Treu’s Hawaii-tribute Humuhumunukunukuapua’a, which is due to be re-released on Beats Beyond soon); a collaboration with electro-acoustic sound pioneer Jon Appleton (released on Crippled Dick Hot Wax); various collaborations with Richard Cameron of Arling & Cameron; film music works; a one-and-a-half-year-detour as member of the berlin-based rock band Mutter; touring as guitarist for Alec Empire’s Hellish Vortex; the re-interpretation of the famous children’s record The Space Songs from 1959; and last but not least his membership with the Neue Deutsche Welle legend Der Plan, whose first Album since 1991, Die Verschwörung, he produced and co-wrote.

Since 2005, Treu has been hosting his own radio program, the UFO Hawaii Radioshow. This program serves him as a playground for living out his long-standing passion for discovering and curating musical styles and forms – as well as for mixing, “what never really belonged together in the first place, but finally magically falls into place anyway,” in his very unique and personal way.

UFO Hawaii presents Tele-Krümmer

ufo hawaii tele-krummerThis record is a world first. A device that none had yet dared execute. An outrageous synesthetic gambit. And simultaneously an homage to endearing absurdities. It’s a truism that music creates images in one’s head, but here the truism is turned on its own head: the image of a „Landschaftstelefon“ (“Landscape-Telephone”) creates music!

UFO Hawaii bestows a sonorous “repertoire expansion” to the term, „image composition“. And it’s little wonder – since he works as a film composer, among other things. In the physical as well in the virtual act of drifting along, Treu is a collector of the sorts of artifacts that proudly display their own oddness. And so it came to pass that he found a strange picture titled “Tele-Krümmer” at a flea market one day. A picture which seemed to have fallen from its own world into ours, with the intention of finding a new identity here. And thus the visual came to become vinyl.

The radiance of the “Tele-Krümmer” picture already fascinates on its own. But often discoveries like this one are reluctant to communicate properly. They suggest many interpretations, while their real stories remain murmured in secrecy. Is this the patent application of someone mentally disturbed? Or a page ripped from an old schoolbook in a parallel universe? Whatever the case, Treu has engaged in a “phonolysis” of said picture: He’s examined the murmurs of the seven elements that make up the “Landschaftstelefon” regarding their stereophonic properties. This creative endeavor has infused all of its inspiring force into the bizarre sound aesthetic of odd chamber music, dances, rituals, control circuits, energy flows (most likely magnetic) beyond all norms. Something mystical has been set into motion.

The listener will travel and marvel, and find that an exploration of the unknown is capable of exposing the beauty that lies in detail. On this album, seven elements unfold their magical exotica of surrealistic folklore nestled somewhere between narcotoxicant noise and dada-processing (namely Big Dada). In the end, the Tele-Krümmer story dissolves in a wonderful, well-heated drama, which now addresses the beauty of consternation. If only because this great record ends after only 34 minutes.

How should one categorize this work stylistically? Perhaps so: If one day a collector of found objects should find a copy of this exclusive vinyl at a futuristic swap meet, he or she might suspect that it could be the single-ever vinyl release by a certain Max Ernst; or perhaps Hieronymus Siemens. It seems then only logical that the musical portrait of a „Landscape-Telephone“ should be released on Psychofon Records; as a limited connisseur edition, by the way. The album is mastered by PYROLATOR.