Ptôse - Lionel & Benoit


Ptôse has been created in 1979 by two French brothers, Benoît and Lionel Jarlan, and Pascal (ZZe) Elineau. They quickly founded Ptôse Production Présente, an indie cassette label, to distribute their music and interact with other bands or artists, like Ericka Irganon, who became an additional member. Between 1980 and 1984, PPP released around fifteen cassettes that nowadays are collectors’ items, typical of the early 80’s DIY movement: experimental compositions, minimal wave, weird packagings in limited editions… ‘Ignobles Limaces’, Ptôse’s first LP, was released in 1984 by AYAA with an iconic cover by Mark Beyer which helped to create a filiation with The Residents. After two other LPs published by Eksakt Records, the band stopped its activity in 1986. Philippe Perreaudin, from Palo Alto, has organized since 2003 the re-edition on CD of most cassettes and albums. In 2016 Ptôse came back to participate to a compilation EP: La Nuit des Sauriens (Creatio Ex Materia #2), with contributions from Edward Ka-Spel, Palo Alto and Klimperei among others. Invited by Palo Alto to share in their project Phantom Cosmonauts, Ptôse will deliver their first release since their retreat from the scene.‌