Bexa Lala

Bexa Lala

The critically acclaimed Polish new wave band Bexa Lala was established in 1983. Before that, frontman Cezary Ostrowski led groups like Taz and Leo Patett, bands renowned for their rough and violent sound influenced by free jazz, electronica, and post-punk. Cezary Ostrowski has also played with Mikolaj Trzaska, Olga Jackowska, Marcin Swietlicki, Malgorzata Ostrowska and Piotr Bikont.

Hande Hoch! Here Comes The Wrath of People

Bexa Lala’s latest upcoming release (13 May) on Psychofon Records “Hande Hoch! Here Comes The Wrath of People” is a shining example of their work. This album has a very unique concept that blends music composed to a collection of Mexican religious art.

“I have a collection of retablo pictures. Retablo are Mexican paintings made by religious people to thank the Holy Mother for her help in dangerous events of their lives. This particular retablo is probably to thank the Holy Mother for help during a robbery. I came upon an idea that the help of the Holy Mother and the calmness she brings may be needed as an antidote for the wrath of people.. because most of the misfortunes and crimes are the result of the wrath of people.

At the same time, the wrath of people may be a positive factor toward changing the world for the better (uprisings, revolutions).. this does not mean that the wrath of people is a guarantee of a good change.

So “Hande Hoch – here comes the wrath of people” means that I expect some change to come, but I am not quite sure about the result of the change.

There are religious and political symbols on the cover because I am quite sure that both religion and politics will be the main “actors” in the nearest future. Some people may suffer, some people may gain, but who will really gain and who will really suffer, we will learn after the dust comes down.”