Ostrich von Nipple

ostrich von nipple
Ostrich von Nipple is a music maker based out of the Atlanta, GA area (USA). Often times, he will enlist the help of friends and colleagues due to their interesting sounds. Ostrich von Nipple’s music can be dark, somber, and haunting at times; colorful and wacky at others. The sounds are organized into strict compositions as well as abstract forms. Yet, though all of the different tones that are represented, the music always manages to remain a bit surreal. A sonic realm where nothing is truly as it seems.

In 2012, Ostrich von Nipple became Psychofon Records’ first signed artist. Since then, he has released three albums, two EP/singles, and (rumor has it) there is a lot more on the way. Always unique, never compromising. Working with artists such as Nolan Cook, Molly Harvey, Shitty Bedford and The Goons of Waxing Gibbous, Ostrich has certainly shown his range and ability to adjust his style to fit other artists. We at Psychofon Records are always excited to hear what new concoctions he comes up with, and make sure the album’s packaging compliments, nay, represents the music perfectly.



All of Ostrich von Nipple’s music is available in some format through Psychofon Records, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, and over 300 other platforms.