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Alternative & Independent – New Music Generation Compilation


How great is that? Standing out over millions of submissions, Ostrich von Nipple’s track “Door to Door” has been picked as one of the tracks for the latest Feiyr compilation! Available worldwide on over 300 Streaming portals and download outlets including Spotify, Amazon, Youtube and so on.

2015-07-02 18.21.13 Kopie

1 Anyway (It’s Gone) (Ambient Mix) by State MX
2 Notturno by Minor Res
3 Alternative Rock in B (150 Bpm Version) by Ron Gelinas
4 Kosmo by Vera Di Lecce
5 Boots by Terra Toma
6 Door to Door by Ostrich Von Nipple
7 Moja Domoviva by Rudi Treiber
8 Breaking Free by Dirty Row feat. Mike Borger
9 10% by Vulone
10 I Wish I’m Away by Dawnlight
11 Fly by Exciting Valence
12 Weihnachtsfraß (Home Version) by Mr.Schadensfall
13 What to Do by Dennis Pascal
14 Heart and Mind by Jörg
15 Ergonaut by Subpop Squeeze
16 Blade by Illenberger
17 Dolores by Thisoneless
18 Level Up by Level Up 2 Hero
19 No Answer by Antz & Bones
20 Ms. Troublemaker by Driving Dogs
21 Siddhartha Gautama (Noktis Remix) by Devil-M
22 New Day by Open The Heaven
23 Riverside by Love Sees No Color
24 Alien Attack by Electio
25 Friedlich schlummern by Penetrate Grey
26 Nach Rio by Klappe
27 Unkaputtbar by Vorstadthelden
28 Human Condiction by B Hypnotized
29 Wie Koffein und Betablocker by Dimitri Davidoff
30 Dance in the Dark by Jack Snipe
31 Falling (The Pulsarix Alternative Cut) by Steve Raw & The Pulsarix
32 Zhurmuesi by Por-no
33 The Other Way by Tab-X
34 Dreamcatcher by City of the Lost
35 A Beautiful Day by The Verandas
36 Alternative Velocities by Tony Bruno
37 Ghosts by Utopia Banished